Testimony of John McLaughlin

Dallas, Texas -- November 18, 1994 Hearing
MR. MARWELL: Is Mr. DeBenedictis here?

[No response.]

MR. MARWELL: Dr. Aguilar?

VOICE: He will be right back.

MR. MARWELL: Why don't we ask Mr. John McLaughlin.

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Welcome, Mr. McLaughlin.

MR. McLAUGHLIN: Thank you.

First of all, I would like to straighten out the record. I used John McLaughlin as my pseudonym, as my author's pseudonym. My real name is John Bevilaqua.

A quick synopsis or a background, I am a graduate of Harvard University, I was classmates, ironically, of both Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones, and I grew up in the City of Miami, Florida. My only other connection to the assassination investigation is, I also enjoy Lee Harvey Oswald's favorite drink, Dr. Pepper.

MR. MARWELL: Could we just have the spelling of your name?

MR. McLAUGHLIN: Sure. It is B-e-v-i-l-a-q-u-a, and I am currently an independent computer consultant, and I use computerized database management and analysis techniques for New England corporations as well as applied to the Kennedy assassination.

The material I have developed, and I only have three copies of but I would like to circulate it now, it is a document I developed with the help of a lead that Mary Farrell gave me. Mary Farrell has reviewed this document which is titled, Red Scares, White Power and Blue Death, and called it possibly the most interesting and significant piece of material that she has read in the past several years.

It is based on both personal observation and experience in Miami, Florida, with anti-Castro Cuban exiles of Alpha-66 and the 30th of November Movement, as well as the investigations that I have carried out in the ensuing years.

A summary of what I believe to be the two most significant intelligence connections as a result of all my research center around both the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee of Senator Thomas Dodd and Senator James Eastland, and the House UnAmerican Activities chaired until his death in the early '60s by representative Francis E. Walter of Pennsylvania and Richard Arrans, who was the Chief Counsel, and in particular I am focusing also on the former Chief Counsel of Joe McCarthy's SISC as well as, I believe, Senator Dodd's SISC, Robert Morris, who is still alive today in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Morris shared a summer home in Miami with me on Northwest 15th Street, as well as also on Northwest 15th Street at 3638 Northwest 15th Street was a safehouse for Alpha-66 and the 30th of November Movement. On November 16th of 1963, my father overheard several conversations in Spanish. He happens to have a Master's Degree in Spanish. He translated those conversations and reported to the City of Miami Police, Intelligence Division, the fact that the Cubans in our neighborhood were talking about going to Dallas and doing something to President Kennedy.

I wrote an article under the name of Michael Kensington which appeared in The Third Decade in November of 1992, I believe, which has been reviewed and researched by both Jerry Rose, Gordon Winslow and other people for its veracity, and they have both concluded that it is a basically accurate and correct account of what occurred.

At the same time, the Miami Police Intelligence Division was examining and investigating the reports about Joseph A. Milteer, which everybody is probably fairly familiar with, and they put my father's report in the same category. And I believe either the Joe Milteer incident or my father's report resulted in the infamous Airtel of November 17th, 1963, sent out by the FBI describing imminent plans of, I quote, "an extremist revolutionary group" who are planning to take action against Kennedy in Dallas. Perhaps they didn't even mention Dallas, but sometime between the 17th and some unnamed date.

I don't know if your power or authority extends to agencies like the City of Miami Police Intelligence Division, but I have had absolutely no luck in recovering any of the lead up information either related to the Joe Milteer incident or to my father's incident regarding the two reports of pending assassination plots that originated from South Florida between November 9th, which was the Milteer incident, and November 16th or 17th, which was my father's reported incident.

Following the leads from Alpha-66 into the World Anti-Communist League, I first investigated both the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and HUAC. In particular the two incidents that I would request additional documentation or release of relates to Peter Dale Scott's reference, and to Senator Thomas J. Dodd's direct request to Oswald to purchase the Mannlicher-Carcano from Kline's Sporting Goods in Chicago. I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was quite possibly an agent of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee and he was doing the bidding of Dodd and Eastland and Morris.

I am sorry, I am drying out, and it is a difficult thing to do.

Secondarily, to the incidents surrounding the Clinton, Louisiana, visit of Lee Harvey Oswald on an allegedly exploratory mission regarding voter registration and the difficulty or the ease with which an outsider could register to vote compared to that of a local Louisiana resident who was a member of a minority also was requested and Dodd and further helped implicate Lee Harvey Oswald on his own. It was almost self-implication as was the Kline Sporting Goods.

On the HUAC side and related to a lead that was given to me by Mary Farrell, and it is up to her, I think, to decide whether or not she wants to disclose who it was that gave her this piece of information, this gentleman who was a soldier of fortune, a not well-known soldier of fortune in South Florida indicated to her that the most significant leads that had to be explored involved Thomas F. Ellis, who is currently on the Council of National Policy, he is alive and apparently very well. He is on the Council of National Policy with Oliver J. North, Nelson Bucker Hunt, and Alton Oxner, Jr., who is the son of Dr. Alton Oxner, who was part of INCA in New Orleans.

I have also looked at why Richard Arrans was fired from HUAC, and I have found that the reason Richard Arrans was fired was because he worked for an organization called the Draper Committees and the Draper Genetics Committees, which is part of the Pioneer Fund. The thing that concerns me about the Pioneer Fund is that even today, I have traced them back to 1924, even today they are in California with Proposition 187, sponsoring it, they are the main sponsors and financial backers of Prop. 187, which is the anti-immigration issue.

They have sponsored William Shockley's research into the genetic inferiority of minorities as well as Arthur Jensen's research into the inheritable composition of intelligence as opposed to the environmental, which they say does not exist. They backed Richard Arnstein and the Bell Curve. They were involved, in 1937, they went over to Germany and helped Hitler and Goebbels write the laws against the prevention of hereditarily ill-progeny, which essentially became the holocaust justification laws.

They were involved with involuntary sterilization programs in Virginia. They were involved with the original anti-immigration legislation in 1924 which also was designed to keep Central European minorities, particularly targeted groups, from entering this country.

If you move further and follow them as they develop into the World Anti-Communist League through the Alpha-66 connections, and all of a sudden you find that four of the past presidents of the World Anti-Communist League all have significant ties by researchers into the assassination.

Ray S. Kline was in Taiwan between 1958 and 1962, he is still alive and working at Georgetown University Center for International Studies, he was there when Oswald was there at the Peng Tong Marine Base. I would like to find out what, if anything, the CIA is willing to release regarding the alleged mind control experiments that went on in Taiwan.

Yarzlo Stetsco was another President of the World Anti-Communist League, he was Sposti Reiken's immediate superior and his immediate boss in the anti-Bolshevik nations.

John Singlob and Roger Pearson were also involved and very directly related to not only activities in the Pioneer Fund but also activities at the World Anti-Communist League.

Another word on Thomas F. Ellis, he first gained his fame and recognition as campaign chairman for the 1972 Jesse Helms Senatorial Campaign, and he has been involved quite directly in both Carolina politics as well as U.S. politics.

I would also like to find out if there is anything that can be done regarding quasi-private agencies. I don't know if your jurisdiction also extends into this area of things like the American Security Council and the Liberty Lobby, and Council for National Policy, unfortunately which are primarily private agencies, but have full-time active employees of the government also involved.

I believe that is as complete and as short a summary as I could possibly make of a 70-page document, and I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear before you and say something.

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Thank you, Mr. Bevilaqua.

Any questions?

DR. NELSON: Have you made an attempt to get any documents from HUAC or the Senate Internal Committee?

MR. McLAUGHLIN: I haven't yet submitted any actual FOIAs. I have submitted a FOIA --

DR. NELSON: They are not subject to FOIA.

MR. McLAUGHLIN: They are not.

DR. NELSON: But you can get some of the documents.

MR. McLAUGHLIN: And how could you do that?

DR. NELSON: Well some of the records are in the National Archives. Most of them, you have to appeal to the various congressional committees, or the Secretary of the Senate. But I just wondered if you had made an attempt to do that?

MR. McLAUGHLIN: No, I haven't yet. I requested military record of Wyecliff P. Draper who was the head the Draper Committees and then head of the Pioneer Fund before he died, and he was in Army Intelligence. In World War II he fought on our side, and in World War I he fought on the British side, for whatever reason. But it is a new enough lead and an interesting enough lead that we haven't yet had the chance to do a lot of formal documentation.

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Thank you very much.


MR. MARWELL: Is your father still living?

MR. McLAUGHLIN: Yes, he is. And I am sure, he can't travel, but I am sure if someone would like to discuss it with him, I am sure he would be able to cooperate.


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