Testimony of Thomas Meros

Dallas, Texas -- November 18, 1994 Hearing
MR. MARWELL: Mr. Thomas Meros.

MR. MEROS: Thank you very much.

MR. MARWELL: Could you please just state and spell your name for the record?

MR. MEROS: Yes, my last name is Meros, M-e-r-o-s. I live and work in Cleveland, Ohio, and over the years I have been coming to Dallas, Texas, and the first opportunity I had to bring my teenage children was May of '92.

In May of '92, I took my children into the Old Courthouse. We were walking around, and I was trying to find the courtroom where Jack Ruby was tried. Somebody told me that that room was locked, it was disassembled and it became a storage room. Well, the lady that told me that told me that she had been at the Ruby trial and she would be glad to talk to my children about that trial.

So we went into her office and she told my children a story that I videotaped. For a half-hour I listened to this story. She told me -- her name is Dee McCarell, M-c-C-a-r-e-l-l -- she is presently the administrative assistant for Judge Nicky Deshazo in the probate court here in Dallas.

She told me that in November of 1963 she had worked for the County Recorder's Office. The FBI came to the County Recorder's Office one week before the assassination and they asked the County Recorder to get all the documents turned over to the FBI that contained the name Lee Harvey Oswald. She said nobody ever interviewed her about this before, and she has never told her story before.

I have this on videotape and I will be glad to send it to you. She told me that they gathered up whatever they had, and the County Recorder gave it to the FBI because she was assigned the task, her and another coworker, they are only 21 years old at the time. They gave these documents to the FBI, whatever existed. This was during the week prior to the murder of President Kennedy.

The day before the assassination Jack Ruby came to the Office of the County Recorder and insisted upon seeing the County Recorder. This was a Thursday. The County Recorder did not come to work that day, but Jack Ruby hung around that office for almost the entire day because he wanted to see the County Recorder.

Now my questions are, was there a lease that was possibly recorded with the name of Lee Harvey Oswald here in Dallas County that may have had a cosigner on that lease that didn't want his name to be known? Could it possibly have been Jack Ruby who had cosigned for a lease when Oswald moved in and out of Dallas to different addresses he lived in in Oak Cliff? Where are these documents today? Maybe the County Recorder or his family knows, of course, that was 30 years ago and who even knows if they exist.

But I have Dee McCarell's address, her phone number, and she is within a mile from here.

I brought my son back to Dallas on the 30th anniversary, which was a year ago, and on November 22nd, on the Grassy Knoll, we got to meet Jim Lavelle was the detective who was wearing the white suit, and I find it kind of strange, he is wearing a white suit just about eight days before December, and he is the only man, if you look at all the videotape of that weekend, the only person who wears a white suit. I asked him why he was wearing a white suit, and he says, well, that is the only suit I had available, and that is what my wife laid out for me.

Then I asked him why nobody took notes of Lee Harvey Oswald during the interrogation of Oswald for the ten hours prior to his death, and he said, oh, we took notes. We took notes, he said. I said what about your notes? He said, I still have my notes at home in my basement. I said, why didn't you turn them over to the Warren Commission? He said, nobody asked me for them.

So if Officer Lavelle still has his notes as to what Lee Harvey Oswald had to say during his ten hours of questioning before his own murder, I think that would be important for this Board to find out.

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Mr. Meros, thank you.

Any questions?

[No response.]

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Thank you very much. We appreciate the help.

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