April Walle: Mysterious Death?

Jim Marrs notes that April "Delilah" Walle was "Shot by husband 
after 1 month of marriage."  Since she once danced in Jack 
Ruby's nightclub, this is supposed to somehow be suspicious.

Hell, Jim, guys sometimes shoot girlfriends they aren't even married


SEPTEMBER 2, 1966, P.8

Nine Shot Automatic Found On Bed

	Two of the shots that killed Mrs. Marilyn April Walle struck
her in the heart.
	Detectives said that according to a preliminary autopsy
report, other vital organs were hit, including the liver and lungs.
	The Oriental Dancer known professionally as Delliah was killed early
Tuesday in the apartment she and her husband of less than a month
shared at the Hamilton Hotel, 2408 Farnam Street.
	Her husband, Leonard Wymer Walle, Jr., 28 is still at the
Douglas County Hospital psychiatric ward. The County Attorney's office
said second degree murder charges will be filed.  Police said he
appeared to be under shock when they arrived at the apartment.
	It has not been determined how many times Mrs. Walle, 27, was
shot.  She was also hit in the arms and legs.
	A nine-shot .38 caliber-automatic was found on the bed beside
the dancer, who had been appearing at the Roam Inn.  Eight shell
casings were found in the apartment.
	Mrs. Walle had been in Omaha since July 4.  Miss Leona
Forsberg, 8703 Hamilton Street, daughter of the owner of the inn and a
friend of the Walles, said they had been married August 7 in New
Orleans, La.
	Miss Forsberg was called to the apartment about 3 a.m.
Thursday by the dancer's husband.  After a brief conversation,  Miss
Forsberg called a hotel clerk, who summoned police.
	At one time, Mrs. Walle had been a dancer in Jack Ruby's
Dallas, Texas night club.

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