Inside the Garrison JFK Assassination investigation.
Tom Bethell was an Englishman who was in New Orleans to write a book on Dixieland Jazz. When the Garrison investigation broke, he got caught up in the enterprise. Working as a staffer for Garrison, he gained an unique insiders perspective on Garrison, the evidence, other Garrison staff members, conspiracy buffs, and reporters covering the trial.

Here is his diary, obtained from the National Archives.

  1. 6/25/67-9/13/67
  2. 9/14/67-10/2/67
  3. 10/3/67-10/26/67
  4. 11/3/67-1/28/68
  5. 1/31/68-2/12/68
  6. 2/13/68-2/21/68
  7. 2/22/68-3/13/68
  8. 3/14/68-3/15/68
  9. 3/16/68-4/1-7/68

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