Dallas Police radio transmissions following the Kennedy assassination.

The JFK Assassination Dallas Police Tapes

History in Real Time

Part Two

Time Channel 1 Channel 2
  Caller Message Caller Message
  232, car 2 (Ptm. A.E. Garrison) 232/2.    
  Dispatcher 232/2.    
  232, car 2 I'm boxed in here at Parkland. It's going to be a while before I can get back into service.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  263 (Ptm. W.C.Brasher) 263.    
  Dispatcher 263.    
  263 We're out on Harry Hines Boulevard. Do they want us to go down there around where the shooting occur?    
12:54 Dispatcher Yeah, I guess. 12:54. Dispatcher We are going to send a Fire Department Rescue Unit with a lot of rope to that location, 12:54 p.m.
  263 10-4. 31 (Patrolman J.E. Chism) Have a squad go to Community Blood Bank and pick up some blood and bring to Parkland, Code 3.
  48 (Ptm. A.D. Duncan) 48. Dispatcher Have they been notified?
  Dispatcher 48. 31 (Patrolman J.E. Chism) 10-4. Parkland notified them.
  48 Is there anything I can do down there? 15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) 2 requests information the condition of the President and also if the governor was hit.
  Dispatcher No. Remain in service.    
  48 10-4.    
  242 (Ptm. B.E. Thornhill) 242 clear.    
  Dispatcher 242 clear. 12:54.    
  Dispatcher 78.    
  78 (Ptm. J.D. Tippit) 78.    
  Dispatcher You are in the Oak Cliff area, are you not?    
  78 Lancaster and Eighth.    
  Dispatcher You will be at large for any emergency that comes in.    
  78 10-4.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 24. Correction 21.    
  Dispatcher 21.    
  21 We're still out here on Hines. Do you want us to go into the downtown area?    
  Dispatcher Yes, 21.    
  21 10-4.    
  603 (ambulance) 603, out. Parkland (Baylor?) (siren)    
12:55 Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 12:55.    
  49 (Ptm. C.R. Galbreath) 49.    
  Dispatcher 49.    
  49 Do you have any clothing description?    
  Dispatcher No. White male, approximately thirty, slender build, height five ten, weighs one sixty-five, is all the information.    
  49 10-4.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 21.    
  Dispatcher 21.    
  21 Do you want on routine or Code 3?    
  Dispatcher Code 3.    
  Traffic Officer Traffic Officer to dispatcher.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead.    
  Traffic Officer I have an eye witness over here that saw the President get hit. He's over here. The witness is over here at the T and P Railroad overpass at the Stemmons service road.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  Dispatcher What radio are you using, traffic officer?    
  Traffic Officer I'm using a three-wheel radio.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 5.    
    ... one over.    
  Dispatcher 5.    
  103 (Ptm. C.F. Goodson) He's in the building down here, I think.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 60 or 100.    
  103 15 started around the building when he heard this over the speaker.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Did he receive the information?    
  103 Apparently so. He turned around and he started the other way. You can hear the radio around here.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  312 (Det. L.D. Montimany and Det. L.C. Graros and Det. B. Johnson) 312.    
  Dispatcher Did you receive that information, 312?    
  312 Repeat.    
  Dispatcher The three-wheel unit that has the eye witness of the shooting on the TP Railroad overpass at Stemmons, just beyond the Triple Underpass.    
  Traffic Officer The Stemmons Freeway, uh, service road.    
  Dispatcher Well, hold onto him.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19. I'm at this location at Triple Underpass. Where do you want me?    
  Dispatcher That three-wheel unit has the eye witness that saw the shooting, 19. He's on the overpass at TP railroad at Stemmons.    
  19 I'll see him over there. I'll go over.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 100's got about six men checking out that railroad yard back toward that direction. If you get any information on the shooting, let someone know here.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  312 (Det. L.D. Montimany and Det. L.C. Graros and Det. B. Johnson) 312.    
  Dispatcher 312.    
  312 Where's the command post?    
  Dispatcher At Elm and Houston.    
  312 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 211, car 2.    
  Dispatcher 211/2.    
  211/2 (unknown) 211/2.    
  Dispatcher 211, car 2. Call operator 1 at Parkland, car 2.    
  [Tape spliced and duplicated at this point.]    
  211/2 10-4.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 Call two of the canine units back in. Norman's dog and the sergeant's dog. Call them back in, if you will.    
  260 (Sgt. D.V. Harkness) 260.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 260.    
  260 Get us 508 down to Texas School Book Depository.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher Where do you want them to report to, Elm and Houston?    
  15 10-4. The School Book Depository Building. It'd be a hard one to search out thoroughly without those dogs.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 508 is en route.    
  40, car 2 (unknown) 40/2.    
  Dispatcher 40/2.    
  40/2 We'll need two more cars to report to the President's plane out here for escort service, please sir.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 I have the one that saw the President get hit in my car. I'm on the Elm Street side of the Triple Underpass just before you go up on Stemmons.    
  Dispatcher Received.    
  492 (CID) 492.    
  Dispatcher 492.    
  492 We've been instructed to go to the scene. What code?    
  Dispatcher Code 3.    
  Dispatcher 5.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 Think 5 and 9 both are in the building.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Did you receive 19's transmission?    
  15 No, I didn't.    
  Dispatcher He has the person that saw the shooting in his car. He's returning to the location.    
  15 10-4.    
    Have you got the condition yet?    
  Dispatcher No.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19.    
  Dispatcher 19.    
  19 He didn't see the shooting. He saw the President get hit.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Any unit.    
  Dispatcher 45.    
  Dispatcher 78, location?    
  Dispatcher 45 or 47.    
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) 45.    
  Dispatcher What is your location?    
  45 Gaston and Abrams.    
    ... on to seventeen (1217, Dallas Power and Light?)    
    ... in the rear, re-location (Relocate house service to clear telephone cable?)    
  Dispatcher 48.    
  48 (Ptm. A.D. Duncan) 48.    
  Dispatcher Report, 48. Greenville. (noises)    
  48 Was that Park Lane and Greenville?    
    ... meet 40.    
  Dispatcher Stand by.    
  Dispatcher Report, 40.    
  Dispatcher ... at Park Lane and Greenville.    
  Dispatcher Any unit near the 2000 block Commerce?    
  508 (Crime Lab/ W.E Barnes) 508, 2000 Commerce.    
  Dispatcher Disregard, 508. Return to the scene.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 241.    
  Dispatcher 241, your location?    
  241 Live Oak and Central.    
  Dispatcher Code 3, the blood bank, 2000 Commerce. Take to Parkland    
  241 En route.    
  607 (ambulance) 607, code 5.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 607.    
  Dispatcher It'd be 2109, 241.    
  16 (Sgt. R.D. Shipley) 16.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 10-4. Front or rear?    
  16 I'm at Akard and Main, if you want me to make that.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  241 Go ahead.    
  Dispatcher Code 4, 16's going to make it.    
  241 10-4.    
  Dispatcher It'll be the front door, 16.    
  16 10-4.    
  309 (Det. Blessing and Det. Brown and Det. Dherity and Ptm. W.W. Tippit 309.    
  Dispatcher 309.    
  309 Have you heard from 300?    
  Dispatcher Negative.    
  610 (ambulance) 610, Code 5.    
1:03     Dispatcher Have information that the governor was hit, 1:03 p.m.
      15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) 4, there was some statement made concerning the outer perimeter - he stated (This conversation was covered by other squads and unable to read it from the recorder.)
1:04 Dispatcher 10-4, 610. 1:04.    
  309 (Det. Blessing and Det. Brown and Det. Dherity and Ptm. W.W. Tippit) 309. What squad has that subject that's supposed to have seen the shooting?    
  Dispatcher He did not see the shooting, 309. He saw the President get hit. That is 19. He has the person in his car.    
  309 10-4. Do you have information that this came from the Book Depository down there?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  309 10-4. It's well covered off there.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 241.    
  Dispatcher 241.    
  241 Code 5 at the Blood Bank.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 16.    
  16 (Sgt. R.D. Shipley) 16.    
  Dispatcher Code 4. 241's there. He's going to take it.    
  16 10-4.    
  241 (Ptm. J.P. Hollingsworth) 241's got and gone.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) 4 to 15.    
  4 4.    
  Dispatcher 4.    
  4 See if you can raise 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  610 (ambulance) 610. What's that location?    
  Dispatcher 816 South Beacon, 610.    
  610 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Was that the assignment you were on?    
  610 We're going to Greensborough. Abrams and Gaston on a major.    
  Dispatcher We don't have that information. Are you there?    
  610 We're here at Abrams and Gaston but there's nothing here.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Return to service.    
  610 10-4.    
  221 (Ptm. H.W. Summers) 221. Traffic, 600 West Jefferson.    
  Dispatcher 221 out.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15. Did you call?    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) If you can contact 15, see if he thinks it advisable to send some of the people from out here to relieve some of the squads that are on duty?    
  Dispatcher Did you receive, 15?    
  15 10-4, 4.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and J.W. Courson) 91 clear.    
1:07 Dispatcher 91 clear. 1:07.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15 to 4.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) Go ahead.    
  15 Is 4 at Market Hall?    
  4 No, I'm at Love Field.    
  15 Do we have radio contact with anyone at Market Hall?    
  4 I think that 15, car 2 is on the air.    
  58 (unknown) 58.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15, car 2.    
  610 (ambulance) 610.    
  Dispatcher 610.    
  610 We are here on the Abrams Street side of Harrell's Drug Store. I don't know what the nature of the call was, but there is about 45 young boys all congregated around here.    
  Dispatcher Are you at Gaston and Abrams?    
  610 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 45, meet 610 at Gaston and Abrams.    
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 4, channel 2.    
  4 (Dep. Chief N.T. Fisher) All ...    
  Dispatcher 599.    
  599 (Cockrell Hill Squad) 599.    
1:08 Dispatcher Signal 26, 3909 Poinsettia. 1:08. (missing person)    
  599 10-4.    
  261 (Ptm. C.M. Barnhart) 261.    
  Dispatcher 261.    
  261 Got any clothing description yet?    
  Dispatcher All we have is a white male, thirty, slender build, five feet ten, a hundred and sixty-five pounds, armed with a 30 caliber rifle.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  261 I have a white male that fits that description in size. He's drunk down at the end of the north end of Laws Street. You want to have someone check him?    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 15.    
  Dispatcher Can you get to him?    
  388 (CID) 388.    
  Dispatcher 261, are you near that person?    
  261 I've got him on my motor.    
  Dispatcher Are you at the north end of Laws, at the dead end?    
  261 10-4.    
  388 388.    
  Dispatcher 388.    
  388 Five members of the CID en route to Elm and Houston as ordered.    
  Dispatcher Have 312, 305, 386, 380 - correction 492 and 309.    
  388 We're en route to that location to await orders there. I don't know what we ought to do.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  260 (Sgt. D.V. Harkness) 260.    
  Dispatcher 260.    
  260 Inform the squads that anyone that gets any information regarding this incident down here to bring it to 9 at Elm and Houston. Bring the person to 9 at Elm and Houston.    
  Dispatcher Did you receive, 261?    
  610 (ambulance) 610.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 If you can get 15, car 2, would you get him to put some personnel on those railroad tracks near Market Hall and check back toward this location? And check up the tracks in that immediate vicinity.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 15, car 2.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 15. He's on Channel 2. He has the information.    
  610 (ambulance) This is 610.    
  15 15.    
  Dispatcher Do you have anybody you could send to the dead end of Laws Street?    
  15 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 603.    
  603 (ambulance) 603.    
1:09     39 (Patrolmen J.F. Butcher and C.W. Comer) Clear me on Code 2 assignment and 30's station wagon, the Secret Service agents downtown. (1:09 p.m.)
      139 (Patrolman L.H. Marshall) Have 39 meet me at the entrance to Love Field. I have the 2 Presidential cars en route out there.
      Dispatcher 139, you will have to take them on yourself because he is coming downtown.
      139 See if you can find out where they are supposed to go out here.
      39 I am in sergeant's car and other half of 39 is still at the field in the Love Field car.
      15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) 15/2, do you have 29 and 99 there?
      Dispatcher That is the 2 dog men that are supposed to be working it without the dogs. We can use them if you can release them.
      2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) Find out any further information at Parkland about the condition of the President, whether he can be there or not. Mr. Crull is standing by here and needs to know immediately if you can find out so we can do something to these people out here.
1:11 Dispatcher Signal 16 at the Gardner and Denver Company, 4700 Scyene Road. 1:11. (injured person) Dispatcher 10-4. 1:11 p.m.
  603 (ambulance) 10-4. 9 (Inspector J.H. Sawyer) On the 3rd floor of this book company down here, we found empty rifle hulls and it looked like the man had been here for some time. We are checking it out now.
  Dispatcher 65, meet him there.    
  65 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) 65, 10-4.    
  610 (ambulance) 610.    
  Dispatcher 610.    
  610 We're going to be clear from this location. Only two of these little boys were fighting a while ago.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Squad needed?    
  610 You can disregard it.    
  Dispatcher 45, return to service.    
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) 10-4.    
  65 (Ptm. W.A. Everett) Was that for 65?    
  Dispatcher No, 65. Continue on your call, 4700 Scyene.    
  65 4700 Scyene.    
  Dispatcher Signal 7, 817 West Davis. 1:11 (Accident)    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and J.W. Courson) 817 West Davis?    
  Dispatcher 222.    
  222 (Ptm. V.R. Nolan) En route.    
  91 7 on West Davis.    
  Dispatcher 817.    
  91 Code 5.    
1:12 Dispatcher 45, Signal 9, manager's office, 4916 Live Oak. 1:12. (Theft) Dispatcher 10-4. 1:12 p.m.
    45. 158 (Patrolman L.S. Debenport) Notify 170 I am taking prisoner to the downtown jail and that I'll report back to him down to Parkland as soon as I can.
    Car 5 on 5. 243 (Patrolman B.L. Apple) I am down here with this 3-wheeler at the dead end. He has a loud colored jacket on. He is pretty drunk. Do you want me to take him up there or what do you want me to do with him?
  Dispatcher Did you get it, 45? Dispatcher Take him back up there to 505 Main and contact 9 at Elm and Houston.
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) Repeat. 243 10-4.
  Dispatcher Signal 9, manager's office, 4916 Live Oak. 39 (Patrolmen J.F. Butcher and C.W. Comer) I have 2 Presidential vehicles and I am trying to get across the field.
  (Tape spliced) Dispatcher 10-4. If I can contact 39, I'll try to.
  212 (Ptm. L.W. Spredlin) 212. Dispatcher 4 call 504 immediately. Do you have 39 there with you? 39 needs clearance across the field with those cars.
  Dispatcher 212. Dispatcher 4, do we hold all that is on duty now?
  212 Have you got another squad that can meet that unit at the dead end of Laws? I'm blocked in over here and can't get out. 4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) 10-4. That is right.
  Dispatcher Yes. Disregard. Have someone there now.    
  212 10-4.    
  261 (Ptm. C.M. Barnhart) 261.    
  Dispatcher 261.    
  261 I'm going to stay on these railroad tracks down at the end of Laws.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  91 (?) (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and J.W. Courson) Did you receive 222 was en route to West Davis?    
  603 (ambulance) 603 out.    
1:15 Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 1:15.    
  20 (Sgt. S.N. Burkhart) 20.    
  45 (Ptm. N.L. Stanglin) 45.    
  Dispatcher 45.    
  45 There's a minor accident in the 5700 block Live Oak. Do you want me to stay here or answer my call?    >
  Dispatcher Handle the accident. Disregard Live Oak.    
  45 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 91.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 222 en route?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  91 What's his location?    
  Dispatcher Location?    
  222 (Ptm. V.R. Nolan) Sylvan and Colorado.    
  Dispatcher Location?    
  222 Colorado and Sylvan.    
  Dispatcher Sylvan and Colorado, 91.    
  91 10-4.    
1:16 Dispatcher Signal 9, contact the manager, 4916 Live Oak. 1:16.    
  47 (Ptm. W.F. Morris) 4916 Live Oak.    
  69 (Ptm. A.R. Brock) 69 clear at the garage.    
  Dispatcher 69 clear. 1:16.    
  120 (Sgt. C.B. Richerik) 120.    
  Dispatcher 120.    
  120 29 and 99 are en route to their respective homes to pick up car and dog and then will clear on Channel 1. You advise them where to go.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 15, did you receive?    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 69.    
  69 (Ptm. A.R. Brock) Go ahead.    
  Dispatcher Remain in downtown area, available for call.    
  69 10-4.    
  599 (Cockrell Hill Squad) 599.    
  599 599.    
  599 I'm going to be in service . . . the building. Be looking for three small girls.    
  Dispatcher Clear.    
  Dispatcher Attention, all squads. Any telephone truck, en route to Parkland, Code 3, give him the way in. 1:16.    
  607 (ambulance) 607.    
  Dispatcher 607.    
  607 We're going to be en route to Parkland.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  452 (CID) 452. (Woman's voice)    
  Dispatcher 452.    
  452 Unit 47 in the basement if anybody needs him.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  6 (Dep. Chief R. Landry) 6.    
  Dispatcher Unit ending in 6.    
    (Long pause, 15 seconds)    
  Citizen Hello, police operator?    
  Dispatcher Go ahead. Go ahead, citizen using the police radio.    
  Citizen There's been a shooting out here.    
  Dispatcher Where's it at?    
  Dispatcher The citizen using the police radio . . .    
  Citizen Tenth Street.    
  Dispatcher What location on Tenth Street?    
  Citizen Between Marsalis and Beckley. It's a police officer. Somebody shot him. What -- what's . . . 404 Tenth Street.    
  Dispatcher Can you hear me?    
    (Man and woman's voices in background)    
  Dispatcher 78.    
  Citizen It's in a police car, number 10.    
  Dispatcher 78.    
  Dispatcher (?) 78.    
  Citizen Got that?    
  Citizen Hello, police operator. Did you get that?    
  Dispatcher Attention. Signal 19, police officer, 510 E. Jefferson.    
  Citizen Thank you.    
  35 (Ptm. J.M. Lewis) 35.    
  259 (unknown) 259.    
  Dispatcher The citizen using the police radio: Remain off the radio now.    
  Dispatcher 91.    
  69 (Ptm. A.R. Brock) 69's going out there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 69, Code 3.    
  602 (ambulance) 602, Code 5.    
  211 (Ptm. R. Hawkins) 211.    
  Dispatcher 211.    
  211 We're clear, Industrial and Stemmons. We'll go out there.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 211.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  603 (ambulance) 603, Code 5, Baylor.    
  602 (ambulance) 602, Code 6 (?).    
1:18     Dispatcher General Broadcast - All squads, we have a report that an officer has been involved in a shooting in the 400 E. 10th. 1:18 p.m.
      280 (Sergeant George W.C. Campbell) Do we have a Command post set up anywhere for extra squads. We need additional men to work traffic around Parkland Hospital.
1:19 Dispatcher 10-4, 603 and 602. 1:19. Dispatcher Well, about everything I have got tied up now is down at Elm and Houston. 1:19 p.m.
  602 (ambulance) What was that address on Jefferson? Dispatcher Notify 1 that we have an officer involved in a shooting at 10th and Patton. We don't know the extent of it yet.
  Dispatcher 501 East Tenth. 2 (Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor) We got some officers that we could release. Do you need them anywhere?
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85 en route. Dispatcher Yes, we could use some at Parkland Emergency and the traffic on Hines is terrific.
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19. 39 (Patrolmen J.F. Butcher and C.W. Comer) I am at the Sheraton with the Secret Service men. Do you have anyone to carry back?
  Dispatcher 19. Dispatcher No, not right now.
  19 Give me the correct address on the shooting. 251 (Patrolman J.E. Jennings) I was en route back to 2's location but if he doesn't need me there, I am right here at Parkland Hospital.
  Dispatcher 501 East Tenth. Dispatcher 10-4. Check out there and help with the traffic.
  105 (Ptm. J.M. Poe and Ptm. L.E. Joz) 105. Dispatcher Go ahead, 19. Are you en route? Yes. It's in the 400 or 500 block of E. 10th, I believe.
  602 (ambulance) 602, Code 6. 19 (Sergeant C.B. Owens) 10-4. We are almost Code 6.
  102 (Ptm. B.L. Jones and Ptm. M.D. Noll) 102, Code 4.    
  105 (Ptm. J.M. Poe and Ptm. L.E. Joz) Was 519 E. Jefferson correct? (Siren)    
  Dispatcher We have two locations; 501 East Jefferson and 501 East Tenth.    
  Dispatcher 19, are you en route?    
  105 (Ptm. J.M Poe and Ptm. L.E. Joz) Is this an officer?    
    This is northward on Tenth.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 10-4.    
    10 . . .4.    
    . . . on Tenth.    
  19 19 is en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 19.    
  605 (ambulance) 605, Code 5.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 605. 1:19.    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  602 (ambulance) 602.    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85.    
  Dispatcher Suspect running west on Jefferson from the location.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher No physical description.    
  Citizen Hello, hello, hello.    
  602 (ambulance) 602.    
  Citizen Pardon, from out here on Tenth Street, 500 block. This officer just shot. I think he's dead.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. We have that information. The citizen using the radio: Remain off the radio now.    
  224 (Ptm. L.D. Wilson) 224.    
  Dispatcher 224.    
  224 Me and 111 are clear at 2000 Commerce.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Remain in the downtown area, 221, 111.    
  224 We'll be 111's car; mine is over in East Dallas.    
  Dispatcher 15.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) 15.    
  Dispatcher Channel 2.    
  15 (Capt. C.E. Talbert) I'm using a three-wheeler's motor. I'll have to go to an other radio.    
  Dispatcher 15, did you receive the information on the police officer shot?    
  15 10-4, but didn't that citizen say at first he was on Jefferson, then on Tenth and then Chesapeake?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  15 Do they relate?    
  Dispatcher Yes, at Denver.    
  15 19 will be en route.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91 will be clear.    
  Dispatcher 91, have a signal 19 west on Jefferson. No description at this time. (Pause) Suspect just passed 401 E Jefferson.   involving a police officer at 400 East Tenth. Suspect last seen running
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 10-4.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85.    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  85 I just called.    
  Dispatcher Give us the correct location on it, 85. We have three different locations.    
  85 I don't see anything on Jefferson yet.    
  Dispatcher 10-4. Check 501 East Tenth at Denver.    
  85 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 91.    
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91.    
  Dispatcher Subject just passed 401 East Jefferson.    
  91 10-4.    
    Where did he just pass?    
  Dispatcher 401 E. Jefferson.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87.    
  Dispatcher 87.    
  87 I'm in my car here at Elm and Houston. Do you want me over there?    
  Dispatcher 87, report to 4340 West Davis at the service station for information regarding suspect on this Signal 19 of the President.    
  87 4340.    
  Dispatcher Code 3.    
  26 (Ptm. G.W. Hammond) 26.    
  Dispatcher 26.    
  26 (Ptm. G.W. Hammond) I'm clear at the jail. Anything I can do?    
1:21     Dispatcher 10-4. 1:21 p.m.
      170 (Sergeant R. Smart) Any manpower that you can spare have them meet 170 or 280 at the entrance out here on Hines.
      251 Patrolman J.E. Jennings) I am right here at the entrance now if you want me to check out.
      Dispatcher Yes, go ahead.
      10 (Inspector H.J. Putnam, Jr.) By orders of #1, get us 20 more uniformed officers out here to the entrance of Parkland

Emergency entrance immediately.

      Dispatcher 251, are you there at Parkland Emergency entrance?
      251 (Patrolman J.E. Jennings) Yes.
      Dispatcher 10-4. (Garbled)
      10 (Inspector H.J. Putnam, Jr.) At this time it was a precautionary move.
1:22 Dispatcher Remain in the downtown vicinity, 26. Clear. 1:22.    
  26 (Ptm. G.W. Hammond) 10-4.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75 Clear.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85.    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  85 We have a description on this suspect over here on Jefferson. Last seen about 300 block of East Jefferson. He's a white male, about thirty, five eight, (siren) black hair, slender, wearing white jacket, a white shirt and dark slacks. (Sirens)    
  Dispatcher Armed with what?    
  85 Unknown.    
  602 (ambulance) 602 in service.    
  105 (Ptm. J.M. Poe and L.E. Joz) 105.    
  Dispatcher 105.    
  105 We're at the location now.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  19 (Sgt. C.B. Owens) 19 is Code 6.    
  Dispatcher 10-4, 19.    
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75 clear.    
  Dispatcher Clear.    
  Dispatcher 85.    
  85 (Ptm. R.W. Walker) 85.    
  Dispatcher Repeat his clothing description.    
  85 Wearing a white jacket, believed to be a white shirt and dark slacks.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  603 (ambulance) 603 out, Baylor. (Siren)    
1:23 Dispatcher 10-4, 603. 1:23.    
  91 (?) (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and J.W. Courson) What was his direction of travel on Jefferson?    
  Dispatcher Traveling west on Jefferson, 400 block, last seen -- 401 West Jefferson -- correction: 401 East Jefferson.    
  91 (?) 10-4.    
1:24 Dispatcher Wanted for investigation for assault to murder on a police officer: A white male; approximately thirty; about five foot eight; slender build; has black hair; a white jacket; a white shirt and dark trousers. The suspect last seen running west on Jefferson from 400 East Jefferson. 1:24    
  Dispatcher Does anybody know the condition of the officer?    
  Dispatcher 60.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 87. (Siren)    
  Dispatcher 87.    
  87 Was that 4340 West Davis?    
  Dispatcher Yes.    
  87 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Somebody pulled in there and bought some gas; driving a white Pontiac '61 or '62 station wagon with the prefix P(ecos) E(llis). He had a rifle laying on the seat.    
  87 (Ptm. R.C. Nelson) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Have a citizen following this car at this time, unknown direction.    
  605 (ambulance) 605, Code 6.    
1:25 Dispatcher 10-4, 605. 1:25. Dispatcher Wants 20 men Parkland at this time. 1:25 p.m.
  Dispatcher Any unit near Gaston - 3600 Gaston - at the blood bank? 15/2 (Captain J.M. Souter) I'm en route.
  257 (Ptm. C.E. Witmer) 257's downtown. 254 (Patrolman J.B. Jones) Can I help?
  Dispatcher Can you escort some blood? Dispatcher Yes, report to Hines in the 5200 block.
  257 Which way's he going? 254 What code?
  75 (Ptm. E.G. Sabastian) 75 is at Forest and Central. Dispatcher Code 1.
  Dispatcher 10-4. 10 (Inspector H.J. Putnam, Jr.) Bring him around to the emergency entrance.
  257 (Ptm. C.E. Witmer) I'm at Pacific and Central right now, 257. Dispatcher Do you want him, Code 2?
  279 (unknown) 279. 10 Yes.
  279 279. Dispatcher All squads en route to Parkland Code 2.
  Dispatcher 279. 254 (Patrolman J.B. Jones) I am en route.
  279 We believe we've got this suspect on shooting this officer out here. Got his white jacket. Believe he dumped it on this parking lot behind this service station at 400 block East Jefferson across from Dudley Hughes and he had a white jacket on. We believe this is it. Dispatcher 10, would it be possible to establish a Command Post there with a radio to man a car with a Channel 2 and get somebody to man it?
  Dispatcher 10-4. You do not have the suspect. Is that correct?    
  279 No, just the jacket, laying on the ground.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher What unit is going to take that blood to Parkland. Code 3?    
  257 (Ptm. C.E. Witmer) 257. Where is it?    
  Dispatcher 3600 Gaston, Wadley Blood Center.    
  257 I got it.    
  21 (Ptm. D.P. Tucker and C.R. Graham) 21 clear.    
1:26 Dispatcher 21 clear. 1:26. 9 (Inspector J.B. Jones) Yes, it will be done immediately. (1:26 p.m.)
  91 (Ptm. W.D. Mentzel and Ptm. J.W. Courson) 91. 4 (Deputy Chief of Police N.T. Fisher) Do you have any condition of the officer on 10th?
  Dispatcher 91.    
  91 What was the description besides the white jacket?    
  Dispatcher White male, thirty, five feet eight, black hair, slender build, white shirt, black trousers. Going west on Jefferson from the 300 block.    
  550, car 2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 500/2.    
  Dispatcher Go ahead.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) I'm at Twelfth and Beckley now. Have a man in the car with me that can identify the suspect if anybody gets him.    
    . . . one.    
  Dispatcher 10-4.    
  Dispatcher Return to service, 599.    
  599 (Cockrell Hill Squad) 10-4.    
  Dispatcher 555/2.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) 550/2.    
  Dispatcher Have you been to the scene?    
  550/2 The officer was already gone when I got there. He was driving car number 10.    
  Dispatcher Do you know what ambulance took him? We had three going.    
  550/2 (Sgt. G.L. Hill) No. Dudley Hughes passed in front of me going to Beckley. He looked like he might have had him.    
  Dispatcher 602.    
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