Kennedy's Head Exploded

The "Gore" Witnesses in Dealey Plaza

Based on a Compuserve Post by Todd Wayne Vaughan

At Zapruder frame 313, Kennedy's head was torn apart by a bullet. The massive explosion, caused by a pressure cavity in the brain tissue, blew brain matter in all directions. Conspiracists, of course, will tout brain matter that ended up behind JFK as evidence of a shot from the front, in reality that's only a part of the carnage.

We have matter blown to the left front, as observed by James Altgens. (7H518) We have matter that was blown forward and upward as seen in the Zapruder film, Nix film, Muchmore film, and Bronson films.

We have matter blown forward into the front seat as observed by Roy Kellerman. (2H78)

We have matter blown forward onto the back of William R. Greer. Fred Newcomb interview with William R. Greer, cited in Murder From Within, p.139)

We have matter blown forward onto Governor Connally. (4H133), and Mrs. Connally.(4H147)

We have matter blown forward onto the inside surface of the limousine windshield. See NOTE.

We have "Blood, tissue, or bone frag. scattered over interior of car and on the hood and on visors (both sides of rt visor)" (Notes of FBI Agent Robert Frazier, 11/23/63, 1:30AM), Clay Shaw trial testimony of Robert Frazier.

We have matter that was blown to the right and right front. (Zapruder film frame Z-313, William Newman and Abraham Zapruder interview, 11/22/63, WFAA TV)
Kennedy's Head Exploding in Zapruder frame 313
We have matter blown to the left rear that struck Officer Bobby Hargis (6H294, et. al.) We have matter blown to the left rear that struck Officer B.J. Martin. (6H290-292). Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who was running to the limo from behind and to the left was struck.We have matter blown straight backwards, that struck the Secret-Service Follow-Up cars windshield, observed by Samuel Kinney the driver. (Interview of Samuel Kinney by Vincent Palamara) We have matter blown onto the rear portion of the car. (Clint Hill testimony, 2H141) We have matter blown to the right rear, that struck DPD Officer James Chaney. (Fred Newcomb interview with James M. Chaney and Stavis Ellis, cited in Murder From Within, p.66,93; Chaney interview with Bill Lord of ABC-TV)

NOTE: (Blood drops appear on the windshield near the crack in CE 350 11/23/63 WR78. Also, what appears to be blood is visible on the windshield in 7HSCA385 (Figure 5). Chief Rowley of the Secret Service told the Warren Commission that "...the area around the (crack in the windshield) was splattered with debris." (CD80, p. 2)

Windshield of Lincoln Limo splattered with Kennedy's Blood

A Pressure Cavity Blew Kennedy's Head Apart

The simplest assumption about the explosion of Kennedy's head is that an exiting bullet ripped a large defect and the bullet and brain matter exited at the defect. In fact, the process was a bit more complicated. When a bullet hits human tissue, it loses a lot of energy in under a millisecond, and that energy has to go somewhere. In fact, the energy creates a pressure cavily in the tissue — almost as though a small stick of dynamite had been set off within the body.

You can see a streaming video clip of bullets hitting ballistic gelatin (formulated to simulate human tissue) below.

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