Jim Garrison believed that a conspirator slipped a magnum load into his revolver

Jim Garrison's Bizarre Behavior - 4

A Magnum Load in His Revolver

Journalist James Phelan was in Jim Garrison's favor because of an article he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post puffing Garrison's "cleanup" of the French Quarter. When the Clay Shaw case "broke" in the media, and Phelan was assigned to cover it, Garrison arranged to meet him in Los Vegas, and brief him on the case. Quoting Phelan:
We arranged to meet again early in the evening in his room at the Sands. When I came in, he had his jacket off, and had a holster strapped on him, with a gun in it. He pulled it out and came over to me. "Let me show you something," he said, and broke the gun open. He examined the bullets and handed one of them to me. "That's a magnum load," he said, "and my gun can't handle it. If I used it, the gun would blow up on me. I can't figure out who inserted that one shell into my gun." Then he put all six shells back into his gun.
James Phelan, Scandals, Scamps, and Scoundrels, p. 149.

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