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"JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference"
Just like with his first project, Vince went on to personally contact over 35 different witnesses and principals, including quite a few Parkland doctors and Bethesda technicians. He researched the massive Warren Commission volumes and the other seminal works, as well as government documents to catalog the testimony on the president's wounds as observed at Parkland Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital. The results speak for themselves: "JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference" is considered the "Bible" on the medical evidence in the Kennedy assassination, with over 350 names and thousands of sources and citations!


Robert Groden: "This is a great reference work!"

Gary Aguilar, M.D. "Very good! Quite a useful tool---I'll refer to it often."

Walt Brown, Ph.D: "Massively useful."

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The Third Alternative:
Survivors' Guilt:
The Secret Service and the JFK Murder

The Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt; The Secret Service and the JFK Murder , is a must-read on this crucial aspect of the JFK assassination too often overlooked. Vince has done hands-on work, establishing in no uncertain terms some real truths about the president's protection (and lack of) in Dallas -- from primary source documentation and, in many cases, directly from agents who were THERE -- or in a position to know conclusively. In great detail and with intricately crafted research methodology (that even the Assassination Records Review Board took notice of and mentioned in its Final Report) , the author has made a frontal "assault" on some old and now defunct myths (like all the lies about the limo's bubbletop) , as well as creating a lasting work that has already yielded some new answers to old questions. This book and Vince' subsequent work will likely continue to help answer more of the mysteries of the Kennedy case in the future.

--- Jan Stevens ( former JFK researcher)


The Third Alternative, by Vincent Palamara 1993. This unique book examines the role of the Secret Service in the JFK assassination. Virtually alone among assassination researchers, Palamara has studied this agency carefully and reaches some startling conclusions. Much of the book is based on the author's personal interviews with surviving agents and their families.

--John Kelin ( Editor, "Fair Play" former web magazine

I must tell you how much I enjoyed "Survivors Guilt". It is an extremely important document and one that all should pay heed to. Your website is also great!

--Gary Murr (assisted Newcomb and Adams; researcher for CFTR radio JFK documentary)

Vince Palamara has self-published The Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt; The Secret Service and the JFK Murder , and in so doing has provided us with a wealth of material gained from extensive interviews with Secret Service "survivors." On that basis alone, I would highly recommend this seminal work. [...] I have no doubt that Vince Palamara will have many worthwhile contributions in the future if this first work is any indication, and it is "must reading" regarding both the Secret Service and how to do excellent research.

-- Walt Brown, in "Probable Cause" June 1995

The Third Alternative- Survivor's Guilt; The Secret Service and the JFK Murder
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