Date 11/26/63

Airman Second Class PALMER E. McBRIDE was interviewed at Air Police Headquarters, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, and furnished the following signed statement:

"Patrick Air Force Base,
November 23, 1963

"I, PALMER E. McBRIDE hereby furnish the following free and voluntary statement to JOHN R. PALMER who I know to be a Special Agent of the
FBI. I have been advised that this statement can be used in a court of law. No threats or promises have been made to me.

"I was born on November 29, 1937, at New Orleans, Louisiana. I enlisted in the United States Air Force on November 25, 1960 and since June 15, 1961, I have been assigned to Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. I am presently an
Airman Second Class assigned to the 8550th Maintenance Group with Air Force serial number AF 25589222.

"In about June, 1955, I went to work as a dental messenger for the Pfisterer Dental Laboratory Company in the 200 block of Dauphine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. In about December, 1957, a young man named LEE OSWALD was employed in the same capacity. Because we both enjoyed classical music I invited him to my home at 1416 Baronne Street, New Orleans, and he did visit my home
perhaps two or three times. I was living with my parents at that time, and during his visits we would listen to records in my room.

"During his first visit to my home in late 1957 or early 1958 the discussion turned to politics and to the possibility of war. At this time I made a statement to the effect that President DWIGHT EISENHOWER was doing a pretty good job for a man of his age and background, but that I did feel

On 11/23/63 at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida File # TP 62-455

By SA JOHN R. PALMER Date dictated 11/26/63


more emphasis should be placed on the space program in view of Russian successes. OSWALD was very anti-Eisenhower, and stated that President EISENHOWER was exploiting the working people. He then made a statement to the effect that he would like to kill President EISENHOWER because he was exploiting the working class. This statement was not made in jest, and OSWALD was in a serious frame of mind when this statement was made.

"LEE OSWALD was very serious about the virtues of Communism, and discussed those virtues at every opportunity. He would say that the capitalists were exploiting the working class and his central theme seemed to be that the workers in the world would one day rise up and throw off their chains. He praised KRUSCHEV's sincerity in improving the lot of the worker.

"In early 1958 I took OSWALD with me to a meeting of the New Orleans Amateur Astronomy Association at the home of WALTER GEHERKE, 208 Hector Ave., Metaire, Louisiana. This meeting was presided over by the Association president, WILLIAM EUGENE WULF, JR., 2107 Annunciation Street, New Orleans. At this meeting I recall that Mr. WULF told OSWALD that if he liked Russia so damn much why didn't he go over there. I do not know what OSWALD had said to bring forth this remark from WULF.

"On one occasion I took OSWALD to the WULF residence. OSWALD and Mr. WILLIAM EUGENE WULF, SR., a naturalized citizen of German origin, argued because OSWALD was telling him of the glories of the Workers State and saying that the United States Government was not telling the truth about Soviet Russia.

"In another conversation OSWALD stated to me he was not a member of the Communist Party but he suggested that both of us should join to take


advantage of their social functions. I did not join the Communist Party, but I do not know whether he did or not.

"During the period I knew OSWALD he resided with his mother in the Senator Hotel or a rooming house next door to the Senator Hotel in the 700 block of Dauphine Street, New Orleans. I went with him to his room on one occasion, and he showed me copies of Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto . OSWALD stated he had received these books from the public library, and seemed quite proud to have them.

"In April or May, 1958, OSWALD stated he was moving to Ft. Worth, Texas, with his mother. In about August, 1958, I received a letter from him saying he was employed as a shoe salesman in Ft. Worth. In this letter he also stated he had gotten mixed up in an Anti-Negro or Anti-Communist riot on a high school grounds in Ft. Worth, Texas. OSWALD did not elaborate on this statement.

"I did not answer this letter, and I have not had further contact or communication with OSWALD.

"On the evening of November 22, 1963, I heard a radio commentator state that LEE OSWALD had been arrested as a suspect in the assassination of President J. F. KENNEDY. Upon hearing the name I recalled my association with a LEE OSWALD in New Orleans, and upon seeing a full face photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD in the November 23, 1963, issue of The Miami Herald newspaper I am now quite certain that they are one and the same individual. I particularly recall the large ears, the mustache, and the receding hairline.

"I also recall that OSWALD made statements favoring Russia and Communism to other employees of the Pfisterer Dental Laboratory Company. I do not recall specific statements but his central theme always concerned the workers throwing off their chains.


"I have read and initialled each page and all corrections on this six page statement. I declare that it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



/S/ WILLIAM J. SIMS, S/A, OSI, 23 Nov 63

/S/ JOHN R. PALMER, Special Agent, FBI

Cocoa, Florida, November 23, 1963"

Airman McBRIDE said he made no report of OSWALD's statement concerning President EISENHOWER to any law enforcement agency. McBRIDE now assumes that at the time he felt the statement was made by OSWALD to emphasize his anti-EISENHOWER feelings and not made in the nature of an actual threat on the life of the President.

McBRIDE stated that Mr. LAWRENCE WILLIAMSON, Bookkeeper, and Miss AMELDA (Last Name Unknown), Secretary at Pfisterer Dental Laboratory Company, would probably recall remarks made by OSWALD favoring Russia and Communism. Other company officials or employees named LEVEQUE, CAGLE, BISCHOFF and KLEIN would probably recall his remarks. He also stated that he was not acquainted with OSWALD's close associates and never attended any type of meeting with him except the one meeting of the Astronomy Association.