Date 3/18/64

Mr. CLEMON EARL JOHNSON, Box 211 (Belt Line Road), Kleberg, Texas, was interviewed at 500 South Houston Street, Dallas, Texas, and furnished the following information:

Mr. JOHNSON stated he was employed as a machinist for Union Terminal Company, 500 South Houston Street, Dallas, and was so employed on November 22, 1963. On this date, he took up a position on the Elm Street viaduct overlooking the route taken by the Presidential motorcade on that date. Mr. JOHNSON stated his attention was attracted to the motorcycle escort and the automobile carrying President KENNEDY as this section of the motorcade came into his view. He stated he first realized something was wrong when the motorcycle began moving from their regular groups and at or just before this he heard sounds that could have been shots. Mr. JOHNSON stated at that time he did not know that it was shots and he could not say how many shots he heard. His attention remained on the vehicle carrying President KENNEDY and he observed this car until it sped away. Mr. JOHNSON stated that white smoke was observed near the pavilion, but he felt that this smoke came from a motorcycle abandoned near the spot by a Dallas policeman.

Mr. JOHNSON stated he did not know LEE HARVEY OSWALD and had met or seen JACK RUBY.

on 3/17/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent THOMAS T. TRETTIS JR. Date Dictated 3/17/64