Date 11/23/63

MARY ANN MOORMAN, 2832 Ripplewood, telephone number DA 1-9390, advises that she and a friend named JEAN HILL, 9402 Bluff Creek, Dallas, Texas, watched the President KENNEDY parade from the grassy area in the parkway between Main and Elm Streets, and at approximately 12:25 p.mp, as well as she recalls, she took a photograph of the procession as it proceeded toward her. She took this photgraph with a polaroid camera, and the photograph showed the police motorcycle escort preceding the President's car. In the background of this photograph she said the Texas School Book Depository Building was visible.

She took a second photograph of the President as his automobile passed her, and just as she snapped the the picture, she heard what she at first thought was a firecracker and very shortly thereafter heard another similar sound which she later determined to have been gunfire. She knows that she heard two shots and possibly a third shot. She recalls seeing the president "sort of jump" and start to slump sideways in the seat, and seems to recall President KENNEDY's wife scream, "My God, he's been shot"!

Mrs. MOORMAN states that she and her companion fell to the ground, but does not now recall what prompted her to fall unless it was the reports and the commotion in the President's car. She says she must have instictively realized that there was a shooting, but does not recall actually thinking about it. She states that she could not determine where the shots came from, and her next recollection is of people running more or less aimlessly, it seemed to her. She recalls that the President's automobile was moving at the time she took the second picture, and when she heard shots, and has the impression that the car either stopped momentarily or hesitated and then drove off in a hurry.

She stated that as the President's car drove off she started to leave the grassy area and was stopped by a Mr. FEATHERSTONE, a newspaper man with the KRLD Radio and TV Station who questioned her concerning her observance of the incident.

Mrs. MOORMAN advises that the photograph she took showing the police motorcycles preceeding President KENNEDY's car and also showing the Texas School Book Depository Building was given by her to Secret Service Agents JOHN JOE HOWLETT and BILL PATTERSON shortly before 4:00 p.m. November 22, 1963. The second photograph taken at the time she heard the shots showed the President slumping sideways in the automobile. She furnished this photograph to Bureau Agents.

Mrs. MOORMAN advised that she saw no one in the area that appeared to have possibly been the assassin, and could furnish no additional information.

on 11/22/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agent CURTIS L. PERRYMAN & ROBERT GEMBERLING Date Dictated 11/22/63