Date 11/24/63

PAULINE E. SANDERS, 4226 Delmar, a Clerk, Texas School Book Depository, 411 Elm Street, advised she arrived at work at 8:45 a.m., on November 22, 1963, and immediately reported to the main office where she was employed. She said she was aquainted with LEE HARVEY OSWALD who worked in the warehouse sectio and she has seen him three or four times during lunch breaks in the lunch room but did not talk to him on any occasion. She said he was very quiet and she had never seen him talking to any of the other employees that she could recall. She said she would not be in a position to observe what time he arrived at work or the way he arrived.

She said on the morning of November 22, 1963, she went outside to watch the Presidential parade at about 11:25 a.m. She said she did not see OSWALD during this time and she stood in the last line of spectators nearest the door to the Texas School Book Depository building. She advised she could not recall the exact time but immediately after the presidential parade passed she heard three loud blasts and she immediately realized that the shots or whatever it was came from the building above her. She said within a matter of ten seconds a uniform police officer in a white helmet ran into the building but she did not observe him any further and could not state where he went in the building.

Mrs. SANDERS advised that Mr. Campbell, Office Manager, arrived shortly after the police officer entered the building and she told him she believed the blasts came from the upper part of the building however he insisted the shots came from the embankment. She advised she did not pursue the matter any further and she entered the building within five minutes of the blast. She said she did not observe OSWALD in the lobby but the lobby was crowded with people at this time. She said she did notice a uniform police officer talking to an individual dressed in grey clothing with a silver type construction helmet and he claimed to be an engineer. She said he definitely did not work in the building and she had never seen him before. She said the police officer appeared to be taking his name and address. She said she did not observe whether the elevator was in use or not and she could not recall whether it was on the first floor but she did use the stairwell and walked to the second floor where their offices are maintained. She said she could not recall seeing OSWALD the entire day and at this time the only thing that was on her mind was whether the President had died.

Mrs. SANDERS advised that this morning she called GERALDINE REID, another employee, telephone number FE 1-6617, who told her that the police officer who had first entered the building ran into the lunch room where Mr. TRULY, the warehouse manager, and OSWALD were evidently lunching. The police officer put his gun into OSWALD's stomach but TRULY advised the police officer that OSWALD worked for him. Police officer turned turned away and evidently left the area. She said according to REID, OSWALD then went to the main office and REID, although she had not observed the initial incident with the police officer, told OSWALD that the President had been shot. According to SANDERS, Mrs. REID claimed that OSWALD just mumbled something and left the office. She said Reid did not mention how OSWALD left the office or for that matter if she knew how he might have left the building. SANDERS advised that the stairwell would probably have been the easiest way to leave without being too noticeable since the stairwell is in need of repairs and employees had been instructed not to use the stairwell.

on 11/24/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agent ROBERT E. HASAM and ROBERT J. ANDERSON Date Dictated 11/24/63