Date 11/25/63

DOLORES KOUNAS, 825 Arpogo Circle, telephone FR 4-7251, employed as a clerk-typist by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, third floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, Elm and Houston Streets, Dallas, Texas, furnished th following information:

She examined a photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD and stated she cannot recall ever having seen him. She stated that the building in which she works has office space on the lower floors and that she goes to the third floor via the elevator in the east end of the building which runs only to the third floor.

She stated on November 22, 1963 she had left the building about 12:00 noon. She stated she went to a spot on the southwest corner of Houston and Elm Streets to watch the Presidential motorcade pass. She was approximately 100 feet south of the Texas School Book Depository Building and observed the motorcade of President KENNEDY pass in front of her and procees west toward the Triple Underpass. After the car had passed her point ans was almost to the underpass she heard a noise like a firecracker. She stated there were three of these noisess which she knows were shots equally spaced by a few seconds and that it sonded as though these shots were coming fron the triple underpass. She atated she looked in the direction but was unable to see the car in which President KENNEDY was riding due to the mass of eople in front of her.

She stated that after standing there a few minutes she walked across the street toward the Texas School Book Depository Building but was not allowed to go in the building until about 3:00 p.m.

She stated during that time she was watching she was watching the motorcade, before and after the shots were fired. She did not look up at the Texas Scool Book Depository Building and thus did not know whether there was anyone at the window in that building. She stated it did not sound like the shots were coming from that direction but rather from the Triple Underpass.

on 11/24/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agent BARDWELL D. ODUM & JOSEPH G. PEGGS Date Dictated 11/24/63