Date December 7, 1963

MARY ELIZABETH WOODWARD, 4812 Alcott, employee, Woman's News, "Dallas Morning News," Dallas, Texas, advised that she, AURELIA ALONZO, MARGARET BROWN and ANNE DONALDSON, on November 22, 1963 left the office of the "Dallas Morning NEWS" just about 12:00 noon to observe the Presidential Motorcade.

They walked to Elm Street and stopped in front of the Texas School Book Depository building, but were located a short distance down the street near the second light post. They were standing in this spot when the Presidential Motorcade came by. She stated she was watching President and Mrs. KENNEDY closely, and all of her group cheered loudly as they went by. Just as the President and Mrs. KENNEDY went by, they turned and waved at them. Just a second or two later, she heard a loud noise. At this point, it appeared to her that President and Mrs. KENNEDY probably were about one hundred feet from her. There seemed to be a pause of a few seconds, and then there were two more loud noises which she suddenly realized were shots, and she saw President KENNEDY fall over and Mrs. KENNEDY jumped up and started crawling over the back of the car. She stated that her first reaction was that the shots had been fired from above her head and from possibly behind her. Her next reaction was that the shots might have come from the overpass which was to her right. She stated, however, because of the loud echo, she could not say where the shots had come from, other than they had come from above her head. She stated that she had seen about five or six persons standing on top of the overpass, and possibly this is why her first reaction was to look at the top of this overpass. She never at any time saw anything in the hands of the people on the overpass. She never looked at any time toward the Texas School Book Depository building, and stated she could not furnish any information regarding anyone who appeared to be leaving the area, as there was a lot of confusion and everyone was running around.

She and her friends stayed for a few minutes under a tree on the grounds of the Texas School Book Depository building, as she thought that she was going to be sick. After standing under this tree for a few minutes, they returned to their office. She stated she did not know RUBY or OSWALD and stated to her knowledge she did not see either RUBY or OSWALD at the scene of the assassination.

on 12/6/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agent HENRY J. OLIVER, DAVID R. BARRY Date Dictated 12/6/63