Date 12/4/63

Mrs. ALVIN HOPSON, residence 4717 Waverly, Dallas, Texas, employed by Scott Foreman Book Company, Fourth floor of Texas School Bookk Depository (TSBD) Building, furnished the following information.

On November 22, 1963 she was looking out a window on the south side of the fourth floor of the TSBD Building when the motorcade of President JOHN F. KENNEDY passed in front of the building going west on Elm Street toward the Triple Underpass. She stated that she was standing at a window which could not be opened and thus was looking through the glass rather than through an open window. She stated that she was standing at the window from about 12 o'clock noon until President KENNEDY's car passed in front of the building. Immediately after he passed, she heard two or more loud sounds which she thought were firecrackers. She stated that she thought they had been set off on the street below, and she saw people on the street running toward the underpass and the railroad track.

She stated at the time she heard these sounds she could not see the Presidential car since there was some trees along the edge of the street which blocked her view.

She and the other people on the fourth floor milled around in the office, and for a few minutes could not determine what was going on.

She stated that from where she was she did not see anyone going downstairs. She pointed out that the fourth floor is partitioned off into office space, and the elevator she normally uses does not run higher than the fourth floor and is located on the east end of the building.

Mrs. HOPSON stated that she did not see the Presidential car at the time of the shooting and thus did not see the President shot. She stated that it did not sound to her like the sounds were coming from her building, and that she was not alert to the possibility of someone fleeing that building after the shots. She advised that she does not know LEE HARVEY OSWALD and does not recall ever having seen him, and she specifically does not recall seeing him or anyone resebling him on the day of the shooting, November 22, 1963.

on 12/4/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agent BARDWELL D. ODUM Date Dictated 12/3/63