Date 11/25/63

Mrs. JACK FRANZEN, 11572 Cromwell Circle, contacted at 1900 Main Street, advised she was with her husband and small son viewing the motorcade of President KENNEDY from the park area near the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets at approximately 12:30 PM, November 22, 1963.

She advised shortly after the President's automobile passed by on Elm Street near where she and her family were standing, she heard a noise which sounded to her as if someone had thrown a firecracker into the President's automobile. She advised at approximately the same time she noticed dust or small pieces of debris flying from the President's automobile.

She advised she heard two other sounds which sounded like shots from a firearm and noticed blood appearing on the side of President KENNEDY's head.

She does not remember looking at the building housing the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD); however, she stated this building was across Elm Street from the position where she was standing, and she may have looked toward the building. She advised the President's automobile continued on down Elm Street at a higher rate of speed, and she observed police officers and plain-clothes men, whom she assumed were Secret Service Agents, searching an area adjacent to the TSBD building, from which area she assumed the shots which she heard had come.

She advised her small son called her attention to the fact that some of the men in the automobile behind the President's car were holding guns in their hands shortly after the shots which apparently struck President KENNEDY and stated she assumed these men were Secret Service Agents.

She advised she has no additional information which she feels might be helpful to this investigation.

on 11/22/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent ALFRED C ELLINGTON AND JOSEPH J. LOEFFLER Date Dictated 11/25/63