Date 12/18/63

JOHN ARTHUR CHISM, 4502 Underwood Drive, advised he was employed as a cook at the Marriott Motel, 2101 Stemmons Freeway. Dallas Texas. According to CHISM, he was standing on the curb in front of the concrete memorial on Elm Street which is just east of the triple underpass where Elm, Commerce and Main join in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He was standing at this location when the Presidential motorcade passed this point. As it passed in front of him he heard at leat two shots and possibly three but no more. The first shot he thought was a firecracker until the second shot sounded and at that instant he saw the President slump over in the back seat of the Presidential limousine. On hearing the second shot he definitely knew the first was not a firecracker and was of the opinion the shots came from behind him.

At this point Mr. CHISM advised he would be looking south and. therefore, immediately turned towrd the north but did not see anyone who appeared to be doing the shooting either in the the aforementioned concrete memorial or in the Texas School Book Depository. He also advised that since the day of the shooting he has seen both LEE HARVEY OSWALD and JACK L. RUBY's photograph in the news media but is positive he does not know either of these two men and also did not possess any information which might indicate these two men were associated with each other.

on 12/18/63 at Dallas, Texas File # 89-43

By Special Agent WILLIAM K BOCK and JAMES R. GRAHAM Date Dictated 12/18/63