Date 1/10/64

CECIL AULT, Deputy District Court Clerk, Dallas District Court, 505 Main Street, advised that on November 22, 1963 he had put up the shades of the windows in the courtroom of Judge HENRY KING, Dallas District Court, in order to look through the windows onto Main Street to observe the Presidential motorcade as it came down Main Street. Mr. AULT observed the president pass the courthouse on Main Steet turning onto Houston and observed the President's automobile as it moved down Houston to the intersecton of Houston and Elm Streets where the Presidential motorcade turned the corner onto Elm Street. Mr. AULT heard three loud reports which Mr. AULT immediately recognized as shots from a high-powered rifle. He noted that the first and second shots sounded to him close together and the third shot was spaced more after the second shot, the first two shots sounding close enough to be from an automatic rifle. Mr. ULT could not tell from what direction the rifle shots came.

Following the first shot Mr. AULT noted that President KENNEDY appeared to raise up in his seat in the Presidential automobile and after the second shot the President slumped into his seat.

Mr. AULT could not recall what other persons were present in Judge HENRY KING's courtroom at the time the above observations were made by Mr. AULT, however, he was of the belief that several other persons were present at the time.

Mr. AULT advised that he did not look toward the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the firing of the three shots and immediately thereafter because his attention was directed toward a policeman who got off his three-wheeler on Elm Street and ran toward a hedge to the left of the cement pavilion which is immediately north of Elm Street.

on 1/9/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent GEORGE T. BINNEY Date Dictated 1/9/64