Date January 6, 1964

Mr. JOHN J. SOLON 4153 Beachwood Lane, was interviewed at his residence.

Mr. SOLON advised he is no longer in private law practice, but is employed as an attorney by the Texas Highway Department, at Mesquite, Texas.

Mr. SOLON advised that on November 22, 1963, he was in the Main Street entrance of the Old courthouse, on the south side of Main Street, looking north towar the Dallas County Jail, when the Presidential motorcade passed by. Mr. SOLON andvised he observed President JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, Mrs. KENNEDY, and other officials in the Presidential car, which was moving at approximately 35-40 miles per hour. The Presidential car slowed down to turn north on Houston Street from Main, and a few moments later, he heard three shots which sounded as follows:

First shot, pause, two shots, then echoes of the shots.

Mr. SOLON advised he would judge that approximately five and one-half seconds was ake fo all three shots.

Mr. SOLON advised he did not have any further specific informsation about the assassination of President JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY. Mr. SOLON advised that on December 10, 1963 he addressed a post card to the FBI. Mr. SOLON said these comments were merely an opinion of his and he had no idea that there was any information available concerning the data the Presidential trip to Dallas was first planned; the Date OSWALD obtained a job at the Texas School Book Depository, nor did he have any information or proof that the "Dallas Morning News" was the connecting link between these two facts.

Mr. SOLON advised he also addressed a post card, dated December 17, 1963, to the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. He said his comments on this post card were only his opinion that someone at the "Dallas Morning News" must have called Caracas, Venezuela, so that the kidnapping of the U.S. Army Colonel could have been reported at the same time of the assassination of President KENNEDY to push the news of his death off the front pages.

Mr. SOLON said he felt that if such a call was made, the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company should report this to the FBI and that if this was not done, then this was "treason".

Mr. SOLON advised he had been a great admirer of President KENNEDY and was deeply shocked by his death. He said he had thought about this very much and just wished that he could help in some way, so he wrote the post cards as a means of suggestion and help. Mr. SOLON advised, however, the only thing he really of positively was having heard the three shots of the assassination.

on 1/4/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent WILLIAM G. BROOKHART and GEORGE T. BINNEY Date Dictated 1/7/64