AFFIDAVIT JOSEPH H. LANGOSCH, a former employee of the Central intelligence Agency, being duly sworn, makes oath as follows:

That this statement is made freely, voluntarily, and without threats, promises, assurances, or remuneration from any source. That from January 5, 1955 until approximately August 1968 I was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency. That during 1963 I functioned in two capacities as a CIA officer, the first capacity being as Special Assistant to the Chief of the Special Affairs Staff and the second capacity being as the Chief of Counterintelligence for the Special Affairs Staff. That during 1963 the Special Affairs Staff was the CIA staff responsible for CIA operations directed against the Government of Cuba and the Cuban Intelligence Services. That as the Chief of Counterintelligence for the Special Affairs Staff, I was responsible for safeguarding the Special Affairs Staff against penetration by foreign intelligence services, particularly the Cuban Intelligence Services. That I was further responsible as the Chief of Counterintelligence for the Special Affairs Staff for initiating and supervising counterintelligence operations designed to penetrate the Cuban intelligence Services. That during the latter half of April 1964, in my capacity as the Chief of Counterintelligence for the Special Affairs Staff, I became acquainted with an intelligence officer of the Cuban Direccion General de Intelligencia(DGI). That the Cuban intelligence officer with whom I became acquainted had defected from the DGI while in Canada and subsequently entered the United States and maintained an" operational relationship with the CIA under the cryptonym That cryptonym after his defection, provided the CIA with certain DGI documents and that none of these documents concerned or referred to either the assassination of President Kennedy or Lee Harvey Oswald. That during May 1964 cryptonym reported information to me concerning the reaction of the DGI in Havana, Cuba to the assassination of President Kennedy and that this information is recorded in a memorandum dated May 8, 1964 which I prepared for the Chief of CIA's Counterintelligence Staff and that this memorandum accurately reflects the information reported to me by cryptonym. That the above-referenced memorandum of May 8, 1964 recording cryptonym's information states that Luisa Calderon Carralero, also known as Luisa Rodriguez Calderon, was being paid a salary by the DGI., that she might have had contact with Lee Harvey Oswald, that during the time she was in Mexico the DGI had intercepted a letter to her by an American who signed his name OWER (phonetic) or something similar, that after the DGI's interception of the letter she had been followed by the DGI and seen in the company of an American and that DGI officer in Havana, Cuba named Roberto Hernandez de Curbelo believed that Luisa Calderon--Carralero had been recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. That I do not recall ever reviewing a CIA report of or being informed about a conversation which transpired on November 22, 1963, approximately three hours after the assassination of President Kennedy, in which Luisa Calderon Carralero may have expressed foreknowledge of the assassination of President Kennedy. That during 1965 I prepared a memorandum for the Chief of the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division for Cuba, entitled Allegations," which concerned security problems with the AMLASH operation. That I prepared the following statement at page 3, paragraph 3A(3) of the memorandum entitled Allegations": "Assassination, obviously, is a dangerous game, not merely to the plotters in a physical sense, but to a sponsoring government which may suffer severe political repercussions at home and abroad if its involvement is made known." That the government referred to herein is the Government of the United States and that the plotters referred to herein were persons connected with the AM_LASH operation. That the AMLASH operation was initiated and supported by the CIA. --4-That when I prepared the memorandum entitled Allegations, considered that "the AMLASH operation been an insecure operation prior to the assassination of President Kennedy November 22, 1963. That the AMLASH Operation had been an insecure operation prior to the assassination of President Kennedy because it was highly that as of 1962 the Cuban Intelligence Services had knowledge of the CIA's association with persons involved in the AMLASH Operation, including AMLASH-1, also known as That the information which led me to doubt the security of the AMLASH Operation prior to the assass[nation of President Kennedy was available to level CIA officials, including Desmond Fitzgerald. That the AMLASH operation prior to the assassination of President Kennedy was characterized by the Special Affairs Staff, Desmond Fitzgerald and other senior CIA officials as an assassination operation initiated and sponsored by the CIA. I understand that this affidavit may be introduced and received into evidence by the Select Committee on Assassinations of the United States House of Representatives, and may lead them to make various findings of fact, and the statutes applicable to Congressional investigations, including but not limited to those concerning false statements, obstruction, or misleading, would subject me to criminal penalties for not telling the whole and complete truth in this affidavit. -5 Further affiant saith not.

Sworn and subscribed to before me on this 14th day of September, 1978.
Notary Public
Robert F. Mitchell, Jr.
Notary public
My Commission expires March 31, 1982
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