21 September 1978
The Honorable Richard Helms
Safeer Company
Suite 402 1627 K Street,N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006
Dear Ambassador Helms:
By way of elaboration upon Mr. Lapham's letter to you of this date concerning your testimony in open session before the House Select Committee on Assassinations on 22 September, Mr. Lapham has authorized me to relay the following to you. You are, of course, completely at liberty to discuss unclassified materials, including the materials which have been declassified and made available to your counsel on 20 September 1978. However, in the event a response would involve the disclosure of classified information, whether based on these or other materials, it is the Agency's position that you should so inform the Committee and request that your response be heard in executive session.

John D. Morrison Jr.
Deputy General Counsel