Excerpts of Interview of JOSE ALEMAN, Jr. By HSCA Staff Investigator Gaeton Fonzi March 12, 1977

Aleman said in more than one way that Trafficante did specifically tell him that Kennedy is "going to get hit". He also specifically confirmed the quote that Crile printed in the Washington Post and this point: "Aleman says that he argued that Kennedy would get reelected, and Trafficante replied, 'No, Jose, he is going to be hit"'. Aleman said that Trafficante told him this as part of a long conversation that lasted from sometime during the day until late at night in a room at the Scott Bryan Hotel. He was vague as to the actual date of the conversation, but Crile puts it close to his meeting of Trafficante in September, 1962.

Aleman says Trafficante was rambling on in a Philosophical way about democracy and socialism and communism. He also said that Trafficante brought up Jimmy Hoffa's name and said that Hoffa would never forgive the Kennedys for what they did to him. Aleman said he got the impression that Trafficante was hinting that Hoffa was going to make the hit, not him, and that Kennedy would never make it to the election because of Hoffa. This, says Aleman, was the one aspect of the conversation with Trafficante that Crile did not properly put into perspective in his piece, otherwise the piece was very accurate. Since the conversation with Trafficante took place over such a long part of the day, Aleman says there were many people in and out of the room during the course of However, he believes that at the time that Trafficante was talking of Kennedy, there were two others present besides himself and Trafficante: George Nobregas and "Macho" Gener, the latter being Trafficante's top man in his and the Mafla's relationship with Cubans