Name of Complainant:
DEPUTY J. L. OXFORD, Dallas County Sheriff's Department.

Details of offense, progree of investigation etc:
(Investigating officer must sign)

Date: Nov 23, 1963

On November 22, 1963 I was standing in front of the Courthouse along with Officers, McCurley and Wiseman of the Sheriff's Department and the President's car had just gone by. We stood there until the rest of the cars had passed. While we were standing there, we heard what I thought to be shots. Officer McCurley and myself ran across Houston Street on across Elm and down to the underpass. When we got there, everybone was looking toward the railroad yards. We jumped the picket fence which runs along Elm Street and on over into the railroad yards. When we got over there, there was a man who told us that he had seen smoke up in the corner of the fence. We went to the corner of the fence to see what we could find, and searched the area thoroughly. After we searched this area, we separated. Then I, with a couple of Dallas Police Officers began searching through the cars on the parking lot. After we got through searching the cars, I stood guard watching the Texas School Book Depository Building and Came back to the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Decker then sent me along with deputies Buddy Walthers, Harry Weathorford to a location at 2515 W. Fifth Street in Irving, Texas, to meet Dallas Police Officers to search a house there and talk to the people within. When we got at the address, officer Adamcik of the DPD and myself went to the back of the house and Officers Weatherford, Walthers and Detective Rose of the DPD and another DPD officer went to the front door. These officers later let us in the back door. We talked to Mrs. Oswald, the wife of the suspect and a Mrs. Ruth Paine and were in the process of getting them ready to bring to City Hall for statements when Michael Paine, Husband of Ruth Paine came up and we talked to him. We found a blanket in the garage. This blanket looked like a rifle had been wrapped in it. We also found about 7 metal boxes which contained pamphlets and literature from abroad. Also, there were cameras and film found. All of this was brought to the City Hall along with Mr. and Mrs. Paine and Mrs. Oswald. The children were also brought along. We called Sheriff Decker and he told us to leave all of the evidence at the City Hall And report back to the Sheriff's Office. Upon arriving back at the Sherff's Department we then had assignment of carrying witnesses to their homes who had made statements in the Sheriff's office.