Protective Assignment of S/A Bennett on 11122/63
at Dallas, Texas

Air Force Two landed at Love Field, Dallas, Texas at 11:35 A.M. Upon deplaning, I covered the fence and press areas. The President's plane arrived at approximately 11 :38 A.M. I stayed with the President and First Lady during the time they greeted the crowd on the apron and along the fence. The greeting lasted for about 10 minutes and the President/First Lady entered their car and the motorcade planned to depart. I asked while moving towards the follow-up car what position I should take, Mr. Roberts informed me that I should take the right rear seat of the follow-up. I took this position and held it during the entire motorcade. I left this rear seat position at one point in the trip to assist in getting well-wishers away from the President's auto. About thirty minutes after leaving Love Field about 12:25 P.M., the Motorcade entered an intersection and then proceeded down a grade. At this point the well-wishers numbered but a few; the motorcade continued down this grade enroute to the Trade Mart. At this point I heard what_sounded like a fire-cracker. I immediately looked from the right/crowd/physical area/and looked towards the President who was seated in the right rear seat of his limousine open convertible. At the moment I looked at the back of the President I heard another fire-cracker noise and saw the shot hit the President about four inches down from the right shoulder. A second shot followed immediately and hit the right rear high of the President's head. I immediately hollered "he's hit'' and reached for the AR-15 located on the floor of the rear seat. Special Agent Hickey had already picked-up the AR-I5. We peered towards the rear and particularly the right side of the area. I had drawn my revolver when I saw S/A Hickey had the AR15. I was unable to see anything or one that could have fired the shots. The President's car immediately kicked into high gear and the follow-up car followed.

The President's auto and the follow-up proceeded to the Parkland Hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital's parking lot, I was instructed by ASAIC Roberts to stay with the Vice-President who had followed us into the parking lot. I immediately went to the Vice-President's auto and accompanied him to a room on the ground floor of the hospital. I then continued with the Vice-President back to Washington, D.C. where I was relieved.

Glen A. Bennett
Special Agent