November 29, 1963

The following events regarding the assassination of the late President Kennedy, are outlined to the best of my knowledge. No statement is based upon information released by any form of news media.

On Friday, Nov. 22, 1963, I was working on the 8 am to 4 pm shift of the Secret Service White House Detail, and was under the supervision of ATSAIC Emory Roberts. Other agents working that day were Jack Ready, Don Lawton, Glen Bennett, and two agents assigned to Mrs. Kennedy, Clint Hill and Paul Landis.

The Presidential aircraft, AF 1, arrived at Dallas Love Field, Dallas, Texas, at approximately 11:40 am on Nov. 22, 1963. The above-mentioned agents departed the front of the aircraft and assumed protective positions around the President when he departed the rear exit of AF 1. The President walked close to a large crowd and shook hands with the people for approximately 5 or 10 minutes. He then stepped into the Presidential limousine, an open car, and was seated to the right of Mrs. Kennedy, in the rear seat. Governor Connally and his wife were seated in the jump seats of the car, directly in front of the President and Mrs. Kennedy. The Governor was seated to the right of his wife. ASAIC Roy Kellerman was seated in the right front seat of the limousine.

As the motorcade departed Love Field, the President's car was closely followed by the Secret Service follow-up car, which maintained its position throughout the events of the day. Agent Roberts was seated in the front seat of the follow-up car, next to the driver. Kenneth O'Donnell was seated to the left of David Powers, in the jump seats of the car. Agents George Hickey, a driver, and Glen Bennett, were in the rear seat, with Bennett on Hickey's right. Agents Ready and Landis rode the right running board, with Landis behind Ready, and agent Clint Hill and I rode the left running board, Hill being in front of me.

The motorcade was scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes. As we passed through downtown Dallas, crowds were quite heavy, and two motorcycles, on either flank of the Presidential vehicle, were of considerable assistance in keeping the motorcade clear.

As the motorcade cleared the main downtown area, it made a right turn, went approximately one block, and then executed a left turn. After this turn, there was essentially no crowd, and green expanses of lawn stretched to the right and left of the motorcade.

Directly in front of us was an underpass with a green sign with white lettering, stating "Entering Thornton Freeway".

The Presidential vehicle was approximately 200 feet from the underpass when the first shot was fired, followed in quick succession by two more. I would estimate that all three shots were fired within 5 seconds. After the second shot, I looked at the President and witnessed his being struck in the head by the third and last shot. By that time, Mr. Roberts had used the radio in our car to direct the vehicles to a hospital. Most, if not all the agents in the follow-up car had drawn their weapons and agent Hickey was handling the AR-15. None of us could determine the origin of the shots, and no shots were fired by any agent.

Upon arrival at the hospital, agent Bennett and I escorted then Vice-President Johnson into a vacant treatment room. Agents Youngblood and Kivett stayed with him while agent Taylor and I stood nearby. Agent Bennett established security outside the door to the room.

The shooting occurred at approximately 12:25 pm, and we had reached the hospital at approximately 12:30 pm.

Shortly after 1:30 pm, the Vice-President and Mrs. Johnson were taken to Love Field and placed aboard AF 1. Agents Lawton, Ready, and I established security around the aircraft. Within a short time, Mrs. Kennedy, accompanying the body of President Kennedy, arrived at Love Field, and boarded AF 1. AF I then departed Dallas, Texas, at what I think was about 2:15 pm. At 3:15 pm, agents Roberts, Lawton, Ready, and I departed Dallas, Texas via AF 6970, the back-up plane, and arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 6:30 pm. We all then returned to the White House, and submitted summarized reports of the day's events to Mr. Roberts.

[signature] William T. McIntyre Special Agent U.S. Secret Service
November 22, 1963

On this date, at approximately 12:30 pm, at Dallas, Texas, I was assigned the post of the left rear area on the running board of the Secret Service Follow-up car. At this time, the President and Mrs. Kennedy were riding in the Presidential limousine, about 30 feet in front of my position.

As we approached the underpass leading to the Thornton Freeway, there was little, if any crowd present. I heard three shots fired and observing the President, noticed that he had been struck by at least one bullet, I thought in the head.

I recall a rolling lawn to the right of the area where the President was shot, and seem to also recall an expanse of lawn to the left of the Presidential vehicle.

I attempted to locate the origin of the shots, but was unable to do so. Both the Presidential vehicle and the Secret Service follow-up car immediately sped to the hospital.

[signature] William T. Mclntyre Special Agent White House Detail