- 5 -

The Patient was admitted to Botkin Hospital on Oct. 21, '59. He was brought to the hospital because of an incised wound of the left forearm. The wound is of a linear character with sharp edges.

In the admission department he was given primary treatment of the wound and skin sutures.

The character of the injury is considered light without functional disturbances. The patient is of clear mind, no sign of psychotic phenomena.

He explains his attempt to commit suicide by the fact that he arrived from the USA in the Soviet Union on a tourist visa with the firm intention of staying in the Soviet Union. Not having the opportunity to realize his intention because of circumstances beyond his control, and having to leave the Soviet Union on Oct. 21, 1959, he tried to cut the blood vessels of his left arm the same day.

During his stay in the [admission] department, his attitude was completely normal. He insists that he does not want to return to the USA.

- 6 -

Psychiatric examination

A few days ago [the patient]arrived in the Soviet Union in order to apply for our citizenship. Today he was to have left the Soviet Union. In order to postpone his departure he inflicted the injury upon himself. The patient apparently understands the questions asked in Russian. Sometimes he answers correctly, but immediately states that he does not understand what he was asked.

According to the interpreter, there were no mentally sick people in his family. He had no skull trauma, never before had he made attempts to commit suicide. He tried to commit suicide in order to not leave for America. He claims he regrets this action. After recovery he intends to return to his homeland.

It was not possible to get more information from the patient.

Suicide attempt. Transfer to ward No. 26

Maria Ivanovna Mikhailina [?]

- 11 -

Oct. 22 According to the translator:

[The patient] arrived from the USA on Oct. 16 as a tourist. He graduated from a technical high school in radio technology and radioelectronics. He has no parents. He came with the intention of acquiring Soviet citizenship. In this matter he turned to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, USSR. He did not receive a definite answer and was supposed to leave in [2 words illegible]. On Oct. 21 he was found unconscious in the bathroom of the Hotel "Berlin". His left arm, injured by a sharp instrument, was lying in hot water. The ambulance was called and he was taken to the Botkin Hospital.

He had saved money for three years to come to the USSR and to remain in the Soviet Union forever.

His mind is clear. His perception is correct. He remembers how he wanted to commit suicide by cutting his veins with a razor blade and putting his bloodstained hand into hot water. Now he is sorry for the attempt to commit suicide.


Psychiatric department

His mind is clear. Perception is correct. No hallucinations or delirium. He answers the questions [illegible] and logically. He has a firm desire to remain in the Soviet Union. No psychotic symptons were noted. The patient is not dangerous for other people. His condition permits him to stay in the somatic department. By order of the assistant to the chief physician Dr. Ikonnikovna, the patient is transferred to the 7th ward.

Gelershtein, I.G.