The John F. Kennedy Assassination Information Center

The primary purpose of this website is to make as much of the primary information concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy available to the general public as possible, in a manner that is user friendly and unbiased. A secondary goal is to allow a forum for authors on all sides of the issue to present their views.

It should be noted that while every effort will be made to verify the accuracy of primary material, the large volume of information, ensures that there will be some errors. In addition, this web site contains numerous links to other web sites and to articles written by various authors. No attempts will be made to verify the accuracy of the claims of those authors.

This web site will be run under the principle of the simpler the better. Most documents will not include backgrounds, frames, or unnecessary graphics. On the other hand, links will be used as much as possible in order to make related material available as easily as possible for the user. Since documents will be accessed from many different pages, there may not be a link back to the page that you came from. Users are expected to use the "back" option of their browser to get back to previously viewed pages.

Most documents will not include a set font, which means text will show up in the default font set on the user's browser. This will allow the user to specify large fonts if they have difficulty reading small fonts, or small fonts if the user would prefer not to have to scroll through pages as often.

When possible, documents will be converted to html files to allow for ease of reading, linking, and searching and to decrease download times. Some documents may appear quite different in this format than the original document. If the appearance is critical, or if it is difficult to convert to html, documents will appear as graphics.

Finally, this web site is a work in progress. New documents and articles will be added as often as possible, and input from users is requested. You are welcome to send me mail with your, information, comments, suggestions, and corrections

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