Mr. McCLOY. Lieutenant, will you be sworn please?
Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. BAKER. I do.
Mr. BALL. State your name.
Mr. BAKER. T. L. Baker
Mr. BALL. What is your occupation?
Mr. BAKER. Lieutenant, police department, Dallas, Tex.
Mr. BALL. You are up here with Captain Fritz?
Mr. BAKER. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. And you are the man who prepared Commission Document 81-B; is that correct?
Mr. BAKER. I assisted in it, sir.
Mr. BALL. You were sort of the editor, is that right?
Mr. BAKER. Something like that.
Mr. BALL. The question we addressed to Captain Fritz was where was Oswald between the 12:35 and, I believe, 1:10 in the evening, 1:10 a.m., on Saturday, November 23, that is right after midnight.
Mr. BAKER. Yes, sir; at 12:35 a.m. Lieutenant Knight of the I.D. bureau took him out of the jail on the fifth floor and with the assistance of Sergeant Warren and one of the jailers brought him to the fourth floor where the I. D. bureau was located.
Mr. McCLOY. The I. D. bureau is the identification bureau?
Mr. BAKER. Yes, sir. There in the presence of Sergeant Warren and this jailer, one of his assistants, he was processed through the I. D. bureau, which consists of taking his pictures and fingerprints and making up the different circulars that go to the FBI and so forth. When they had finished processing him, he returned him to the jail. Lieutenant knight released him. He was placed back in the jail at 1:10. Approximately 1:30 Sergeant Warren received a call from Chief Curry, advising him to bring him back to the identification bureau the same place, for arraignment. Sergeant Warren and the same jailer returned him to the I. D. bureau, where he was arraigned by Judge Johnston at approximately 1:35 a.m. This arraignment took approximately 10 minutes, and he was returned to the fifth-floor jail by Sergeant Warren at approximately 1:45 a.m.
Mr. BALL. That is all.
Mr. McCLOY. Thank you very much.

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