Mr. BELIN. Mr. Brennan, you are the same Howard Leslie Brennan who testified this morning here?
Mr. BRENNAN. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Do you know a George Murray, of the National Broadcasting Co.
Mr. BRENNAN. I do not.
Mr. BELIN. Have you ever worked for the Union Terminal?
Mr. McCLOY. You are still under oath, you realize.
Mr. BRENNAN. Yes, sir.
Mr. BELIN. Have you ever worked for the Union Terminal Co. in Dallas?
Mr. BRENNAN. I have not.
Mr. BELIN. Did you ever state to anyone that you heard shots from opposite the Texas School Book Depository and saw smoke and paper wadding come out of boxes on a slope below the railroad trestle at the time of the assassination? Did you ever say that or that, in substance, to anyone?
Mr. BRENNAN. I did not.
Mr. BELIN. That is all.
Mr. BRENNAN. Is there another Howard Brennan?
Mr. BELIN. Well, sir; we don't know. We wanted to know whether or not you ever made this statement to anyone.
Mr. BRENNAN. No, sir.
The CHAIRMAN. Thank you very much, Mr. Brennan.
Mr. BRENNAN. I would like to ask a question off the record.
The CHAIRMAN. Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)


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