Date 12/26/63

JIMMY EARL BURT, General Delivery stated that on November 22, 1963 he was living at 505 E. 10th Street, Dallas, Texas which is the residence of his father—in—law, DAVID SHAEFER. He and a friend WILLIAM SMITH were sitting in his brother, BILLY BURT's house located at the corner of 9th and Denver Streets, Dallas. It was some time after lunch when they heard two gunshots. He and SMITH immediately ran from the house toward his car, a 1952 two—tone blue Ford which was parked facing south on Denver Street. As they ran from the house they heard four more shots making a total of six.

BURT Said he drove his car to the next intersection which is Denver and 10th Streets and turned west on 10th. He immediately saw a police car parked at the curb in the middle of the block. It was parked facing east on 10th Street. A police officer was lying on the street near the left front wheel. BURT later recognized him as being an officer who frequented that neighborhood. This particular officer was known by the name "Friendly" to the residents of that area.

BURT parked his car in front of the police car on the same side of the street with the front end facing the west. He and SMITH jumped out of the car and as they did so he looked west on 10th Street. At that moment he caught a glimpse of a man running on the sidewalk on the south side of the street. The man at this point had reached the intersection of 10th and Patton Streets. He described this man as a white male, approximately 5'8". He was wearing a light colored short jacket. BURT stated he could not describe the man further as he was never closer than 50 to 60 yards from the man. He said at one point he did notice the man had a pistol in his right hand. Although he is familiar with hand weapons he said that because of the distance he could not describe the pistol.

At the intersection of 10th and Patton Streets the man ran south on Patton Street. BURT said he ran to the intersection of 10th and Patton and when he was close enough to Patton Street to see to the south he saw the man running into an alley located between 10th and Jefferson Avenue on Patton Street. The man ran in the alley to the right and would be running west at this point.

He and SMITH returned to the scene of the shooting. At this time a crowd had gathered which included some policemen and he did not have a chance to view the slain officer again because of the crowd.

He said he was not questioned by anyone concerning the shooting. He noticed only two other persons in the area when he first arrived on the scene. These were two women whom he saw going toward the officer who was lying on the street. This occurred as he left his car and ran toward the intersection of 10th and Patton Streets. BURT concluded by saying he made no further observstions at the scene of the shooting.

on 12/15/63 at Belmont Louisiana File # NO 100-16601