Date 12/4/63

PETER CIMINO, Apartment 7, 403 East Tenth Street, Dallas, Texas, advised SA HENRY J. OLIVIR and SA DAVID H. BARRY that on Nowewber 22, 1963. he was residing at 405 East Tenth Street in an apartment with his wife.

On November 22. 1963, he and his wife had lunch together in a cafe in this neighborhood, and he believes Just after he had lunch and was leaving the cafe he heard that President KENNEDY had been shot. us and his wife then walked from the cafe to his apartment. When he got home, his brother. FRANK CIMINO, told him that an officer had been shot in front of their residence. PETER CIMINO advised he had not heard any shots nor had he seen any of the shooting and stated he could not furnish any information regarding the shooting of President KENNEDY or the shooting of Officer TIPPIT.

He also advised that he had never heard of JACK RUBY or LEE OSWALD and could not furnish any informetion concerning these persons.

on 12/3/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 89-43

By Special Agents HENRY J OLIVER AND DAVID H. BARRY Date dictated 12/4/63