The Clay Shaw trial testimony of Mrs. Bobbie Dedon

MRS. BOBBIE DEDON, a witness called by and on behalf of the State, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:
Q: Please state your name for the record.
A: Mrs. Bobbie Dedon.
Q: Mrs. Dedon, where do you live?
A: Baton Rouge.
Q: And how long have you lived in Baton Rouge?
A: About a year now.
Q: And what is your occupation?
A: Doctor's assistant.
Q: And how long have you been a doctor's assistant?
A: A year and about four months.
Q: Where were you employed in the summer of 1963?
A: East Louisiana State Hospital.
Q: And where is that?
A: Jackson.
Q: And in what capacity were you employed at the East Louisiana State Hospital?
A: At the clinic as a receptionist.
Q: In relationship to your duties as a receptionist, in regards to where the personnel office was, did you ever have occasion to talk to anyone?
A: Yes.
Q: In that relationship I call your attention to late August or early September, 1963, and I ask you if anyone asked you for instructions --
A: Yes.
Q: -- how to get to the personnel office.
A: Yes.
Q: (Exhibiting photograph to witness) I show you a picture that the State has marked "S-1" for purposes of identification, and I ask you if you have ever seen the person in this picture.
A: Yes.
Q: Where did you see this person?
A: At my desk at the clinic.
Q: Can you approximately remember about what time it was?
A: September, early part of September.
Q: Do you know who this person is?
A: It is Lee Harvey Oswald.
Q: Can you remember what you talked to Lee Harvey Oswald about?
A: He wanted to know where he could go to put in an application.
MR. DYMOND: Your Honor, we object to any conversation.
THE COURT: Objection sustained.
BY MR. SCIAMBRA: Just tell us what you told Oswald.
A: I just told him directions to go to the center building which is the administration building.
Q: What was in the administration building at the time?
A: The main offices.
Q: Where would a person go to apply for a job?
A: At the administration building.
Q: Can you remember about what time of day this was?
A: It was around lunch, because I was getting ready to go to lunch.
Q: About how long did you talk to Oswald in relationship to where the personnel office was?
A: Just a few minutes.
Q: What did he do after you talked to him?
A: Just left.
Q: Was that the last time you saw him that day?
A: Yes, it was.
Q: Did you see a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald in the newspaper after the assassination of President Kennedy?
A: Yes.
Q: Did you recognize him?
A: No; I knew he looked familiar.
Q: You didn't recognize him from any particular place though?
A: No.
Q: Can you remember the first law enforcement officer that you talked to in relation to this?
A: Yes, Lieutenant Fruge.
Q: Who was that?
A: Lieutenant Fruge.
Q: Louisiana State Police?
A: Yes.
Q: Did he show you any photographs?
A: Yes, he showed me a lot of photographs?
Q: Did you identify any photographs?
A: I identified Lee Harvey Oswald.
Q: You identified Lee Harvey Oswald's photograph?
A: Yes.
Q: Did you recognize the photograph at that time?
A: Yes.
Q: And where did you recognize it from?
A: From me talking to him.
Q: Were you ever questioned by the FBI in regards to this?
A: No.
MR. SCIAMBRA: I tender the witness.
Q: Mrs. Dedon, you said you have talked with Lee Harvey Oswald for only a few minutes at your desk?
A: Yes.
Q: How many minutes would you say that was?
A: Long enough to give his directions to go around the building and to the front.
Q: Would you say three or four minutes?
A: Four or five minutes.
Q: I see, Do you recall how he was dressed that day?
A: No, I don't.
Q: Do you recall his general appearance, that is, whether he was neat looking or sloppy looking or generally how he looked?
A: No.
Q: Did he impress you as a neat individual or as a disheveled individual?
A: I didn't really -- I didn't pay that much attention to him.
Q: Did he have a beard on?
A: I don't remember.
Q: You don't remember whether he had a beard?
A: Right.
Q: You don't?
A: No.
MR. DYMOND: That is all.
THE COURT: Do you have any further need of Mrs. Dedon?
MR. SCIAMBRA: No further questions, Your Honor.
THE COURT: If not, you are excused from the subpoena.
Call your next witness.