Testimony Of Dr. Richard Brooks Dulany

The testimony of Dr. Richard Brooks Dulany was taken at 6:20 p.m., on March 25, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex. by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. SPECTER - May the record show that Dr. Richard Dulany is present in response to the request that he appear to have his deposition taken and he has been requested to appear here because he has been identified in prior depositions as perhaps being one of the first doctors to see President Kennedy. Dr. Dulany, have you had an opportunity to examine the Executive Order creating the President's Commission?
DR. DULANY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - And the rules and regulations relating to the taking of testimony?
DR. DULANY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - Are you willing to have your deposition taken here today, even though you haven't had the 3 days' notice which you have a right to, if you want it?
DR. DULANY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - You are willing to waive that requirement?
Mr. SPECTER - Will you stand up now and raise your right hand?
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you give before the President's Commission in this deposition proceeding will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
DR. DULANY - I do.
Mr. SPECTER - Would you state your full name for the record?
DR. DULANY - Richard Brooks Dulany.
Mr. SPECTER - What is your profession?
DR. DULANY - M.D.---Medical Doctor.
Mr. SPECTER - Are you licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas?
DR. DULANY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - And would you outline your educational background, please, starting with college---graduation from college?
DR. DULANY - From college I went to the University Medical School of Oklahoma and then took my internship here at Parkland Hospital and was in the service for 2 years in the Navy, and I just got back from the service in November, and started a residency here in surgery.
Mr. SPECTER - Did you have occasion to participate in the care of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963?
DR. DULANY - Is this all recorded now?
Mr. SPECTER - Yes.
DR. DULANY - Well, as I stated, I principally cared for the Governor and then after his emergency treatment had been cared for, I went into the room where President Kennedy was being cared for.
Mr. SPECTER - Were you present from the start of the Governor's treatment?
DR. DULANY - Yes, sir.
Mr. SPECTER - And about what time did you go into the room where the President was being treated?
DR. DULANY - Well, I believe the Governor was supposed to have been in the surgery suite upstairs within 12 minutes after he came in, and so I'm sure I must have been in the room where the President was, about 7 minutes or so afterwards.
Mr. SPECTER - What time was that, about, as best you can place it?
DR. DULANY - I don't really recollect the specific times.
Mr. SPECTER - What did you observe as to the condition of the President when you entered?
DR. DULANY - Well, at this time his pupils were fixed and dilated and he had a large head wound---that was the first thing I noticed.
There was already a tracheotomy tube in the neck wound or what was later described as a wound, and had a cutdown running and several other doctors were putting chest tubes in.
Mr. SPECTER - What doctors were present at that time?
DR. DULANY - I really can't be accurate on that. I remember Dr. Clark and Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Giesecke, Dr. Carrico, Dr. Martin White, and of course, the doctor that was probably down first of the staff members, Dr. Malcolm Perry, and I remember Dr. McClelland, and Dr. Peters were in there.
Mr. SPECTER - Are those all the doctors you remember as being down there?
DR. DULANY - I believe those are all.
Mr. SPECTER - Can you identify any of the nurses who were there?
DR. DULANY - No, I don't believe so. I can't remember them.
Mr. SPECTER - Is there anything that you think that you know would be helpful to the President's Commission in its inquiry into this matter?
DR. DULANY - I don't believe I could add anything any more than you probably already know.
Mr. SPECTER - Did you observe any neck wound on the President?
DR. DULANY - No, sir; I didn't.
Mr. SPECTER - The tracheotomy had already been performed?
DR. DULANY - It had been placed in.
Mr. SPECTER - Had the incision already been made when you first saw the President's neck?
DR. DULANY - I really didn't examine it close enough to make any statement along that line.
Mr. SPECTER - Then, did you observe any wound in the President's neck at all?
DR. DULANY - No, I just know that the tracheotomy was in and later I was told that this was a wound when it was first seen--you know, that's the best I can tell you.
Mr. SPECTER - That's fine, Dr. Dulany, thank you very much for appearing here today.
DR. DULANY - Yes; thank you.