VOLUNTARY STATEMENT. Not Under Arrest Form No. 86

Before me, the undersigned authority, on this the 22 day of November A.D. 1963 personally appeared Robert E. (Bob) Edwards Address 821 South Nursery, Irving, Texas Age 22 , Phone No. None (Employed by the Dallas County Auditor's Office.)
Deposes and says:

Today, November 22nd, 1963, I was with Ronald Fischer, and we were on the corner at Elm and Houston, and I happened to look up there at the building, the Texas School Book Depository Building, and I saw a man at the window on the fifth floor, the window was wide open all the way; there was a stack of boxes around him, I could see. Bob remarked that he must be hiding from somebody. I noticed that he had on a sport shirt, it was light colored, it was yellow or white, something to that effect, and his hair was rather short; I thought he might be something around twenty-six, as near as I could tell.

The motorcade rounded the corner about this time, and then I thought I heard four shots, but it never occurred to us what it was. The shots seemed to come from that building there.

/s/ Robert E. Edwards

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963

/s/ James J. Muleady
Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas

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