Name of Complainant
Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

Date: November 22, 1963

I was standing on the corner of Main and Houston, when the presendital motorcade came by. A few seconds later I heard three shots and the crowd began to move enmasse toward Elm Street. When I reached Elm Street there was much confusion. I asked a woman if they had hit the President, and she told me that he was dead, that he had been shot thru the head. I asked her where the shots came from, and she pointed toward the concrete arcade on the east side of Elm St., just west of Houston St. There were many officers going toward the railroad yard by this time and I joined them in search of the assassin. A small negro boy came up to a Dallas Uniform officer and told him that he saw a man shoot out of the window of the school Book Depository. I immediately went to the depository where I was met by A.D. McCurley, Bill Wiseman of the SO and Joe Loraine of the Texas School book Depository went to the top of the building and started checking the floors going down from the top in search of the assassin. When we got down to the third floor we talked to office workers who told us that they were looking out of the third floor window when the shots were fired from the street near the concrete arcade. We then went back upstairs to the fifth floor and by this time many officers were in the building and Officer Luke Mooney found the hulls of rifle cartriges at the corner window at Elm and Houston We then started looking on the rafters and in between the boxes of books for the rifle. Capt. Will Fritz of DPD arrived on the scene and the shells were given to him. Shortly after this, Officer Boone of the SO found the rifle near the entrance to the stairway. It was apparant that the assassin had run from the window after the shots were fired, had hidden the rifle, then ran down the stairway.

I then went up on the sixth floor where I helped search out the attic for the assassin.

Jack W. Faulkner