VOLUNTARY STATEMENT. Not Under Arrest Form No. 86

Before me, the undersigned authority, on this the 22nd day of November A.D. 1963 personally appeared Larry Florer Address 3609 Potomac, Dallas, Texas Age 23 , Phone No. LA 1-7150
Deposes and says:

This afternoon about 10 minutes after the parade passed Poydras and Main Streets, I went to a little Bar-B-Que place on Pacific. I do not know the name of this place and I went in and had a grilled cheese sandwich with a friend of mine, Richard Bartholomew, who works at the National Bank of Commerce. They had a radio going on in the cafe, two gentlemen that were seated at the table next to us had the radio on. And something came on the radio about the President being shot at, so I walked out with this other boy and he went on to the bank and I walked down to the railroad tracks at Pacific and Houston Street. I was walking parallel to some of the tracks and there were quite a few other people walking in the same direction I was going. I stopped on east side of Houston street across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. I stood there for a few minutes and then a lady that was standing next tome [sic], I asked her where there was a telephone, and she said that the only pay phone that she knew of was in the County Records building. She said that there were a lot of phones on the third floor of this building that I was standing in front of. She said that she worked on the third floor and there was probably a phone up there that I could use. So I rode up the elevator with this lady and got off onthe [sic] third floor with this lady and we walked to the information desk and this lady went on back to her department, to her spot. So then I, there was a lady at the information desk and I asked her if I could borrow her telephone and she said that all the lines were busy, or something to that effect. So I stood there for a minute and a fellow walked up to me. He asked me what I want ed [sic] and he told me that I couldn't use the phone. So I walked back down to the elevator and rode it back down to the lobby. As soon as I got to the lobby I walked back outside and the fellow that I had talked to about using the phone was pointing out the window, pointing toward me and said that I was the man that was on the third floor. At this time two officer [sic] walked up to me and said for me to come with them. These offices brought me to the County Sheriff's Office. At no time did I see anyone leaving the building, the Texas School Book Depository, while I was across the street from it.

/s/ Larry Florer

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this the 22nd day of Nov A. D. 1963

/s/ C. C. Gentry
Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas

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