Affidavit Of Jesse J. Garner

The following affidavit was executed by Jesse J. Garner on May 5, 1964.



Parish of Orleans, ss:

Jesse J. Garner, being duly sworn says:

  1. My name is Jesse James Garner. I was born July 17, 1908, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I have resided in New Orleans for the last 52 years.
  2. I am presently employed as a cab driver for Toye Brothers and have been so employed for the last twenty years.
  3. My wife and I reside at 4911 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, where we have resided continuously for the last four years.
  4. Number 4911 Magazine Street consists of one-half of a house located at 4905--11 Magazine Street. The other haft of the house is divided into two apartments which go by the number 4905 and 4907 Magazine Street.
  5. Lee Harvey Oswald occupied the apartment known as 4905 Magazine Street from May 9, 1963, to on or about September 23, 1963. He paid a rental of $65.00 per month for the apartment, which was furnished, and was directly responsible to the utility company for payment of gas and electric bills.
  6. I first talked to Oswald about a month after he moved into the apartment. I spoke to him about payment of the rent, because he was a few days late in paying his rent for the second month he lived in the apartment. He told me he would have the rent in a few days. I later learned that he did pay the rent to my wife shortly thereafter.
  7. Oswald appeared to be a quiet sort of man and I did not talk to him about anything other than the rent that first time that I met him.
  8. Sometime after that, my wife called to my attention that Oswald had attached to the screen of his porch two hand circulars which read something to the effect that the United States should lay hands off Cuba. These circulars were about 4" by
  9. I have examined a photograph which has been marked as Exhibit No. 1 to this affidavit and state that the photograph shows Oswald handing out a circular which is of the same kind he had attached to the screen of his porch.
  10. I asked Oswald to remove the circulars and he asked me who "rejects" to them. I told him that I objected to them and that I was the only person who had to object to them. Oswald then took them down without further comment and the subject was never mentioned between us again.
  11. The next and last time I talked to Oswald was on Sunday morning, September 22, 1963, when I noticed he had almost finished packing a station wagon with his family's personal belongings. I asked him if he was moving, since I was concerned that he then owed about 15 days .rent. Oswald told me that he was not leaving but that his wife was going to Texas to have her baby after which she was going to return to New Orleans.
  12. I did not see the station wagon leave, but I believe it left for Texas sometime on Monday morning, September 23, 1963, but it could have left sometime on Sunday morning.
  13. I didn't pay too much attention to the station wagon or to what Oswald was doing, because I thought he was going to remain in the apartment, as he had said.
  14. I never saw Oswald again after my conversation with him on Sunday morning, but I thought I heard him in his apartment during the evening (about 7:00 to 7:30 p.m.) of the day on which the station wagon had left, i.e., either Sunday or Monday, September 22 or 23, 1963.
  15. I did not see or hear any activity in the apartment on the day after the station wagon left for Texas. The next day which I believe would have been Wednesday, September 25, 1963,-I entered Oswald's apartment and found that he had left and taken all of his belongings with him.
  16. I never personally observed anyone visit Oswald or his family during the time they lived at the above address.
  17. Oswald never seemed to respond to greetings from me and seemed to be an unfriendly type of person.
Signed on May 5, 1964, at New Orleans, La.
(S) Jesse J. Garner,