Mr. JENNER. While we are doing that, Miss Oliver, since I have involved Agent Howlett in this deposition--Mr. Howlett, would you rise and be sworn and I will ask you some questions in connection with this deposition, and in that regard do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Agent HOWLETT. I do.
Mr. JENNER. State your name, please?
Agent HOWLETT. John Joe Howlett.
Mr. JENNER. And you are a member of the Secret Service of the United States?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir; special agent.
Mr. JENNER. In the Dallas office?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER. And you accompanied Miss Oliver and myself this evening, brought us out to Mrs. Paine's home?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER. And you have been present throughout my examination of Mrs.


Paine and my examination of the premises, and you have assisted me, have you not?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes.
Mr. JENNER. In making measurements and also in recounting the appearance of rooms, front lawn, garage, and otherwise?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER. In all those measurements that you made and reported to the reporter, were they as accurately made as you could make them under the conditions?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER. Did you report, orally, truthfully, and accurately the various measurements that are now recorded in this record?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes.
Mr. JENNER. And were you present during the time that I also called figures or ordered descriptions?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes.
Mr. JENNER. And were the figures I called and the descriptions I made, to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, accurate?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER And made in your presence?
Agent HOWLETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. JENNER. Thank you.
Agent HOWLETT. There is one thing on there--on the window.
Mr. JENNER. Which window?
Agent HOWLETT. The window in the southeast bedroom.
Mr. JENNER. Yes--that's Marina's bedroom, is it not?
Mrs. PAINE. She was staying in there yes.
Agent HOWLETT. I believe I previously reported that as 3 feet 3 inches, and I think it should have been 3 feet 8 inches.
Mr. JENNER. High or wide?
Agent HOWLETT. Wide would you like for me to check it?
Mr. JENNER Yes; you might check it.
Mrs. PAINE. It's probably 3 feet 6 inches--it's identical to the shade we have just measured.
Mr. JENNER. Off the record.
(Discussion between Counsel Jenner, Agent Howlett, and the witness, Mrs. Paine.)
Mr. JENNER. Back on the record for Mrs. Paine's testimony.