Deputy C.L. "Lummie" Lewis, Dallas County Sheriff's Department

Nove 23, 1963

I was Standing on the sidewalk on Main Street in the 500 block just east of Houston Street when the motorcade passed and turned the corner onto Houston Street. In a few seconds I heard 3 shots. I ran around the corner and came across Houston Street to Elm Street to the Park. I saw some people there. I began to talk to them getting names and information.

I talked to the following named people:
Shearion Simmons, w/f/31, 3168 O'Bannion St., FR 1 7267
Jeanie Holt w/f/18, 2521 Pleasant Drive, EV 1 0377
Stella Jacobs w/f/20, 730 W. 9th Street, WH 2 0168.
The above people work at the Texas School Book Depository Building.

The following named people were brought to the Sheriff's office and statements taken from them.
Bob Edwards w/m/22, 121 S. Nursery, Irving, Texas. Wks: Auditors Office.
Ronnie Fisher, c/o County Auditor' Office.
H.W. Betzner, Jr. w/m/22, 5922 Valesco, TA 7 9761 Wks: Railway REA Express, was in the building.
Arnold Rowland, w/m, 3026 Hammerly, FE 7 1861 Saw man in bldg about 15 min before shooting with a gun. Wife Barbara was with him.
Ronald Fischer w/m/24, 4007 Flamingo Way, BR 9 0950. Was with Bob. Saw man on next to top floor and gave description of suspect. Fairly short hair cut, not a crew, but stuck up in front and not a flat top. Med complex. In his 20's, sport shirt and slacks. Sport shirt open at collar.

Charles Brehn, 1619 King's Highway, WH 2 6893. Works at War's in "carpets" in Wynnewood. Was on grass on Elm St, Saw president when he was shot.

Marvin Chism , C/M/19. Husband, John c/m/23, 4502 Underwood Dr. Cook at Marriott. RI 8 7751. Standing on Elm by Freeway Sign.

Jim Braden w/m/48, Cabana Motel, Room 301
215 S. La Cienga Blvd, Beverly Hills, Calif. Calif DL H 751 775
Ind. Oil Dealer. In Dallas 2 days. Was in building when Pres assassinated.

Floren Lawrence, 3609 Potomac, LA 1 7150
S.L. Ewing, 2805 Gaston, TA 1 2358
Sales Wk & bookkeeper. Was on 3rd floor, using phone.

Had lunch with Richard Bartholomew RI 8 8011
wks: Nat'l Bank Commerce
Louie Schug, TA 1 2358
G.G. Slack, w/m/49 3130 Delee EV 1 2590
Jessie Williams w/f/40 1108, Allen St., Apt 114, Irving. Traveling Salesma, home: 1211 Columbia Dr, Longview, Tex. PL 3 7086

Lonnie Ray Wright w/m/ - 3 time loser. Drunk, put in jail. Was on RR track.

Amos Ewins, c/m/15, 411 Ave L. WH 3 9701 Saw man on 5th floor.

Jean Newman w/f/21, 3893 Clover Lane, FL 2 4222.
Bob Jackson, Times Herald Reporter. Saw shooting. Xxx William Eugene Newman w/m/22, wife Gayle w/f/ 718 W. Clarendon, WH 8 6082 (In front of 2nd light post going west on Elm St - North side.

See statements taken from all of the above named people.