Testimony Of Helen Markham Resumed

Mr. DULLES. You were sworn when you previously were before us, and this testimony of yours will be covered by the oath you previously have given. Will you be seated?
Mr. BALL. I have two Commission Exhibits, 535 and 536. I will show them to you, Mrs. Markham, and I will ask you if you have ever seen the man who is pictured there, whose picture is shown on these two exhibits.
Mr. BALL. Never have seen him before. Do you think he might have been one of the men you talked to before?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No, no.
Mr. BALL. They are pictures of the same man.
Mr. DULLES. We are inquiring whether you had ever seen him after the assassination.
Mrs. MARKHAM. Yes, I know. No; not this man. This man I have never seen--I have never seen this man in my life.
Mr. BALL. I have no further questions.
Mr. DULLES. Do you know who he is?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No; I don't. It is just a picture of a man; I don't know him.
Mr. DULLES. Mr. Ball, do you have any further questions?
Mr. BALL. No further questions.
Representative FORD. Have you ever had any difficulty with the law, Mrs. Markham?
Representative FORD. None whatsoever?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No, sir.
Representative FORD. Traffic violations?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No, sir.
Mr. DULLES. You are lucky.
Mrs. MARKHAM. I have never been in trouble.
Representative FORD. No difficulties whatsoever with the law?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No, sir.
Mr. BALL. That is all, Mrs. Markham. You can be excused.
Mr. DULLES. Thank you very much, Mrs. Markham.
Mr. BALL. I offer Exhibits 535 and 536 in evidence at this time.
Mr. DULLES. They will be received. (The items identified as Commission Exhibits Nos. 535 and 536 were received in evidence.)

Mr. BALL. They were taken from a newspaper, they were taken from newspaper accounts which purported to be, to show, the picture of a man named Mark Lane.
Mr. DULLES. Yes, because he appeared before this Commission, did he not?
Mr. BALL. Yes.
Mr. DULLES. Mr. Redlich, can you identify him? Were you present when Mr. Lane appeared before this Commission?
Mr. REDLICH. Yes; I was.
Mr. DULLES. Can you identify these pictures as pictures of Mr. Lane?
Mr. REDLICH. Yes; I can identify these as pictures of Mr. Lane. I would also like for the record to indicate where they came from. Commission Exhibit No. 535 is taken from--Commission Exhibit 536 came from the San Francisco Chronicle, and dated February 8, 1964, and purports to be a photograph of Mark Lane.
Commission No. 535 is a photograph from a newspaper clipping which was in the Commission files, and it is an Associated Press photograph, and appeared, it is taken from the New York Herald Tribune of March 5, 1964, and purports to be a photograph of Mark Lane. I have met Mr. Lane once or twice prior to his appearance before this Commission, and I was present during his testimony before this Commission.
Mr. DULLES. You identify these as pictures of Mr. Lane?
Mr. REDLICH. These are photographs of Mark Lane.
Mr. DULLES. And these Exhibits 535 and 536 were the exhibits which were presented to Mrs. Markham?
Mr. BELIN. I think the record should show how they were presented. They were clipped out so there was not any writing or anything to indicate whom they were pictures of on their face.
Mr. DULLES. That is on the record.
Mrs. Markham, there is a short question that Congressman Ford wanted to put to you.
Representative FORD. What kind of eyesight do you have, Mrs. Markham?
Mrs. MARKHAM. I have always had good eyesight.
Representative FORD. Do you wear glasses?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No; I don't.
Representative FORD. Have your eyes tested recently?
Mrs. MARKHAM. No; I haven't. I have no cause to.
Representative FORD. You have never worn glasses in your lifetime?
Mr. DULLES. Are you farsighted, nearsighted, or neither, just good-sighted?
Mrs. MARKHAM. Just good-sighted. I did a lot of writing and a cashier and everything. I see pretty-good.
Representative FORD. If you go to a movie can you see the picture easily and well?
Mrs. MARKHAM. Oh, yes; yes, sir; real well.
Representative FORD. You can see things at a distance quite well?
Mrs. MARKHAM. Yes, sir. I have never had glasses.
Representative FORD. Thank you very much.