A.J. Millican
2650 Valley View Lane
Dallas 34, Texas

Chapel 7-4953

Works for Sam P. Wallace and Claude Beard Plumbing Company

Fabricating pipe for the Republic Bank Building at the end of the Katy Railroad yards and the west end of Pacific Street I was standing on the North side of Elm Street, about half way between Houston and the Underpass. About five or ten minutes before the President came by I observed a truck from Honest Joe's Pawn Shop, and parked by the Book Depository Store. Then drove off about five or ten minutes before the Presiden't car came by. Just after the President's car passed, I heard three shots come from up toward Houston and Elm right by the Book Depository Building, and then immediately I heard two more shots from the Arcade between the Book Store and the Underpass, and then three more shots came from the same direction only sounded further back. It sounded approximately like a 45 automatic, or a high powered rifle. Then everybody started running up the hill. A man standing on the South side of Elm Street, was either hit in the foot, or the ankle and fell down. And then I went back to work.

/s/ A.J. Millican

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