Name of Complainant
John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Date: 11/22, 1963

Mr. Decker,

I watched the motorcade pass on Record St. from your office window. After the President's car passed I started back to my desk. I heard three shots and went back to the window. People were running in all directions. I left the office by the back door and went across the street to where my squad car was parked on the side street just back of the book depository. I drove the car to the rail road tracks, turned the car around and stopped head west. Sgt. Harkness of the Dallas Police arrived on a 3 wheeler. He turned his radio to DPD Channel 2 and I had the sheriff's 37.300 and DPD Channel 1 in my car. We acted as a west command post for about 2 hours. No one was permitted to leave any of the parking lots until cleared and then a Dallas Police Officer took their names. Officers were directed to search all of the cars in the area, search the rail road cars and to bring anyone in that knew, saw or heard anything.

[s]Charles Polk Player
Charles Polk Player, 78