Date January 16, 1964

Mr. JOHNIE REYNOLDS, owner and operator of Johnie Reynolds Used Cars, 500 East Jefferson Avenue, Dallas, advised that his brother, WARREN REYNOLDS, and a man named RUSSELL, who works with him, were present at the car lot on November 22, 1963 when OSWALD allegedly killed Patrolman J. D. TIPPIT of the Dallas Police Department approximately a block from this car lot. RUSSELL and WARREN then observed OSWALD running down the street toward Jefferson Avenue carrying a pistol in his hand and unloading and reloading it as he ran. WARREN then followed OSWALD down Jefferson Avenue at a discreet distance to try to help the police locate OSWALD when they arrived.

on 1/15/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agent NAT A. PINKSTON Date dictated 1/16/64