Date 1/22/64

HAROLD RUSSELL, employee, Johnny Reynolds Used Car Lot, 500 Jefferson Street, Dallas, Texas, advised that on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, he was standing on the lot of Reynolds Used Cars together with L.J. LEWIS and PAT PATTERSON, at which time they heard shots come from the vicinity of Patton and Tenth Street, and a few seconds later they observed a young white man running south on Patton Avenue carrying a pistol or revolver which the individual was attempting to either reload or place in his belt line. Upon reaching the intersection of Patton Avenue and Jefferson Street, the individual stopped running and began walking at a fast pace, heading west on Jefferson.

RUSSELL advised that he and PAT PATTERSON proceeded to the area of Tenth and Patton Avenue and that L.J. LEWIS went into the office of Reynolds Used Car Lot to call the Dallas Police Department.

RUSSELL advised upon arriving at the intersection of Tenth and Patton he observed a Dallas uniform police officer lying on the ground in front of a Dallas police car, and from all indication the Dallas police officer was apparently dead. RUSSELL advised the police officer's weapon was lying on the front seat of the Dallas police officer's car. At this point an unknown individual stated to RUSSELL, "Let's take the police officer's gun end go get the S.O.B. who is responsible for this."

RUSSELL advised he informed the unknown individual that he would remain at the police car so he could advise the other police officers upon their arrival of the direction in which the person responsible for the shooting had gone. RUSSELL advised approximately five minutes later Dallas police officers arrived, at which time he informed them of the general direction in which the person apparently responsible for the shooting had gone and also the fact that WARREN REYNOLDS and PAT PATTERSON, employees of Johnny Reynolds Used Car Lot, had attempted to follow the individual as he headed west on Jefferson Street.

RUSSELL advised he had furnished the foregoing information to the Dallas Police Department on the afternoon of November 22, 1963. RUSSELL advised he was not a witness to the actual shooting of the Dallas police officer and could only testify to the fact that he had observed an individual whom he now knows as LEE HARVEY OSWALD leaving the scene.

RUSSELL positively identified a photograph of LEE HARVEY OSWALD, New Orleans Police Department # 112723, taken August 9, 1963, as being identical with the individual he had observed at the scene of the shooting of Dallas Police Officer J.D. TIPPIT on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, at Dallas, Texas.

on 1/21/64 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agents JOHN T. KESLER and VERNON MITCHEM - LAC Date dictated 1/22/64