November 22, 1963. 11:35 AM. I arrived at Love Field, Dallas, Texas aboard USAF Plane #26000 from Fort Worth, Texas. My assignment at Dallas was to drive the President's Lincoln Convertible Limousine.

When I got off the plane, I went to where the President's Limousine and the Cadillac Followup Automobile were parked. I had the President's coats and hat and placed them on the front seat.

After the President and Mrs. Kennedy had shook hands with some of the people at the airport the President, Mrs. Kennedy, Governor and Mrs. Connally entered the automobile with the President seated on the right side of the rear seat and Mrs. Kennedy sitting on the left side, Governor Connally sat on the right jump seat in front of the President and Mrs. Connally sat on the left jump seat. ASAIC Kellerman sat on the right front seat and I was driving.

After we left the airport, we drove several miles at speeds ranging from 15 to 30 miles per hour depending on the crowds. When we reached the business section of Dallas the crowds were very large and the motorcycle Police along side the President's automobile had a hard time keeping the people back.

When we came to a point where the crowd had thinned out, there was a right turn for about half a block and then a left turn. At this point, I would say the President's automobile was traveling about 12 to 15 miles per hour.

A short distance ahead, the street passed under a railroad or expressway. A building stood on the right side of the street, that would have been the last building we would have had to pass before entering the underpass.

The President's automobile was almost past this building and I was looking at the overpass that we were about to pass under in case someone was on top of it, when I heard what I thought was the backfire of a motorcycle behind the President's automobile. After the second shot, I glanced over my right shoulder and saw Governor Connally start to fall, I knew then that something was wrong and I immediately pushed the accelerator to the floor and Mr. Kellerman said, get out of here.

We rushed up to the police escort and I called to the motorcycle police, Hospital. Mr. Kellerman was calling to the lead automobile on the radio to get to the nearest hospital fast. I drove as fast as I could to the hospital and helped to get the President into the emergency room. I guarded the emergency room door until the doctors and nurses had completed their duty. I then drove an official automobile behind the ambulance to Love Airfield, Dallas. I boarded USAF Plane #26000 and returned to Andrews AFB, Wash. D.C. From Andrews AFB, I drove the U.S. Navy ambulance with the President's Body, accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy and the Attorney General to the U.S. Naval Medical Center.

I assisted Mr. Kellerman while the autopsy was being performed and then drove the ambulance with the President's body to the White House.

William R. Greer