The testimony of Edward Shields was taken at 4:25 p.m., on May 14, 1964, at the Texas School Book Depository Building, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Joseph A. Ball, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. BALL. Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give before this Commission will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. SHIELDS. I do.
Mr. BALL. State your name.
Mr. SHIELDS. Edward Shields.
Mr. BALL. Where do you live?
Mr. SHIELDS. I live now at 1432 Stirling. I was living at 414 Cleaves Street.
Mr. BALL. What is your occupation?


Mr. SHIELDS. I work in the shipping department, but some guy put it down that I worked as a shipping clerk. I do receiving and shipping with the shipping department.
Mr. BALL. Of what company?
Mr. SHIELDS. With the Texas School Book Co. at 1917 North Houston, at the warehouse.
Mr. BALL. That's how far from the building that is at the corner of Houston and Elm?
Mr. SHIELDS. Well, I'd say about three blocks down to this old building.
Mr. BALL. How long have you worked for the Texas School Book Co.?
Mr. SHIELDS. It will be 14 years the 14th of August.
Mr. BALL. But you work in the warehouse?
Mr. SHIELDS. I do.
Mr. BALL. On November 22, 1963, were you out watching the parade pass by?
Mr. SHIELDS. I was.
Mr. BALL. For what time?
Mr. SHIELDS. I'd say from about 5 to 12 to about 10 after 12; I mean, about 5 to 12 to 10 after 12--I heard the shooting.
Mr. BALL. The shooting was at 12:30.
Mr. SHIELDS. It was--that's when we was standing there watching the parade when it came through.
Mr. BALL. How did you get around to see him before?
Mr. SHIELDS. We just got on the parking lot there because we go up there and sit down there and talk with James Tracey.
Mr. BALL. Who is James Tracey?
Mr. SHIELDS. He was the manager of the lot--there's somebody else there now.
Mr. BALL. That lot is where?
Mr. SHIELDS. It's near Record and Elm.
Mr. BILL. Near Record and Elm?
Mr. BALL. You say you go up there to a parking lot?
Mr. SHIELDS. Well, we go over there every day at noon and talk to the fellow that ran it, but that's not the same fellow there now.
Mr. BALL. But had you, prior to November 22, 1963, had it been your custom of going over there to see him at noon?
Mr. SHIELDS. I had been going by there every day at noon.
Mr. BALL. What about Givens?
Mr. SHIELDS. I would be going some days when he wouldn't go, but I would see him-- James Tracey--every day at noon.
Mr. BALL. On November 22, did you go over there?
Mr. SHIELDS. I was there yes; I was there.
Mr. BALL. Approximately what time?
Mr. SHIELDS. That was around 5 to 12--that would be to 5 after 12.
Mr. BALL. What about Givens?
Mr. SHIELDS. He was there at noon after he had eaten his lunch, I mean, he come on up there.
Mr. BALL. Did you see the President's motorcade?
Mr. SHIELDS. I sure did.
Mr. BALL. Where was it when you saw it?
Mr. SHIELDS. I was just standing right around there at Mullendorf's Cafe.
Mr. BALL. At what address?
Mr. SHIELDS. On Record and Main.
Mr. BALL. Who was with you?
Mr. SHIELDS. Givens.
Mr. BALL. And did you hear any shots?
Mr. SHIELDS. Yes: I heard the shots.
Mr. BALL. And what did you and Givens do after you heard the shots?
Mr. SHIELDS. I said, "The President has been shot"; we walked back to the lot and where Tracey was. I heard one shot and then a pause and then this repetition--two shots right behind the other, and I thought it was backfire from a car and I said, "Someone shot the President."
Mr. BALL. You said, "Someone shot the President"?

Mr. SHIELDS. That's right, I did. I didn't know what had happened.
Mr. BALL. Then what did you do?
Mr. SHIELDS. Well, Givens run down here---right down here.
Mr. BALL. He ran down here to this building?
Mr. SHIELDS. He ran down to the next corner.
Mr. BALL. And what was the next corner?
Mr. SHIELDS. That was on Elm and Houston.
Mr. BALL. Did you come with him?
Mr. SHIELDS. No; I did not---he had me to stay there at the lot.
Mr. BALL. And they all ran down there?
Mr. BALL. Did you see Givens again?
Mr. SHIELDS. Yes; we came back to the building--he and Tracey.
Mr. BALL. Then what did you do?
Mr. SHIELDS. We came back down to the Texas School Book Depository Building here and tried to get in the building and they wouldn't let no one in---he couldn't get in and I went on back to the warehouse.
Mr. BALL. What did Givens do?
Mr. SHIELDS. Well, they came and got him because he was working here and I was at the warehouse.
Mr. BALL. Did you see him leave with the police?
Mr. SHIELDS. No; I didn't. I was at the warehouse and he had come here.
Mr. BALL. I believe that's all. This will be written up and you will be asked to sign it and to make any corrections that you wish, you may make them in your own handwriting, and somebody will call you from the U.S. attorney's office and let you know when to come up.
Mr. BALL. Thank you very much.