Mr. Decker:

Just Shortly before 12:30pm, Friday, November 22, 1963, I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office on Main street and watched the President and his party drive by. Just a few seconds later, I heard the first shot, which I thought was a backfire, then the second shot and third shot rang out. I knew then that this was gun shots and everyone else did also. I ran as fast as I could to Elm Street just West of Houston and I heard a woman unknown to me say the President was shot, in the head and the shots came from the fence on the North side of Elm. I went at one behind the fence and searched also in the parking area. Then came word that the shot was thought to have come from the Texas Book Depository Bldg., on the corner of Elm anf Houston.

When I arrived there they were bringing in hand lights to search out the top floor. I helped search the 5, 6, and 7th floors. I was on the floor when Officer Boone found the rifle behind some books. From here I went to the remaining floors and the attic for which we had to have huge fire department lights to search the attic good. Then officer McCurley and myself went to the top of the building and searched it also. After the building was finished being searched, I returned to the Sheriff's office for further duties or orders.

L.C. Smith