Date 12/13/63

WILLIAM ARTHUR SMITH, age 20, 328 1/2 East 8th Street, was interviewed at the residence or his brother-in-law, TIMMIE ANZALDUA, 1831 Idaho Street, Dallas. He advised that he observed Officer TIPPIT when he was being shot by an unknown white male but he did not report it to the police because he claimed he had been on two year's probation for auto theft and he thought he might get in trouble with the police. He said he was too far away from the individual to positively identify him but he said he was a white male, about 5' 7" to 5'8", 20 to 25 years of age, 150-160, wearing a white shirt, light brown jacket and dark pants.

SMITH advised that he did not believe it was OSWALD when he first saw OSWALD on TV because it looked like OSWALD had light colored hair. He was exhibited a photograph of OSWALD and stated that the individual he observed had dark hair like the New Orleans Police Department photograph of OSWALD. He said he saw this individual walk up to the police car and as the policeman started to emerge he heard four or five shot., the policeman fell to the ground, whereupon the white male continued down 10th Street and turned left on Patton heading towards Jefferson. He said this was the last time he saw the individual and he inmiediately went up to talk to Mrs. MARKHAM, a neighbor of his who lives at 328 1/2 East 9th Street. He stated that she was a witness to the shooting also and had been interviewed by the police on a number of occasions. SMITH advised that his reason for being in the area was that he was visiting a friend of his, one JIMMY BURT, who was living with his father-in-law, DAVID SCHAFFER at 505 East 10th Street. He said he thought JIMMY might have seem the shooting also but he wan not certain for he believed be had arrived at JIMMY'S house prior to the time of JIMMY'S arrival. He advised that JIMMY was AWOL from the Army Missile Base at Denton, Texas, at the time. He said that he believed JIMMY was awaiting discharge for being AWOL on a number of occasions. He believed that JIMMY was presently visiting his father, ROSS BURT somewhere in Louisiana, possibly Bellmont.

SMITH advised that he did not have any relatives in New Mexico and ANZAIWA, his brother-in-law, is originally from Refurgio (ph), Texas, near Corpus Christi. He said that he did not believe ANZALDUA had any relatives in New Mexico either.

on 12/12/63 at Dallas, Texas File # DL 100-10461

By Special Agents JAMES J. WARD and ROBERT E. BASHM/BJD Date dictated 12/13/63