The Clay Shaw preliminary hearing testimony of Frank Joseph Stass

FRANK JOSEPH STASS, after being first duly sworn by the Minute Clerk, testified as follows:
Q. Tell us your full name, sir?
A. Frank Joseph Stass.
Q. Mr. Stass, are you at this time connected with Loyola University, and if so, in what capacity?
A. I am connected with Loyola University, and I am the University registrar.
Q. Mr. Stass, I show you a folder containing a record, which folder I have marked for identification, Defense-18, the folder purporting to contain the record of Loyola University exclusive of the Law School record, of one Perry Raymond Russo, and I will ask that you peruse that record, that purported record, and tell me if you know what that is?
A. This is the record of Perry Raymond Russo.
Q. And are you appearing here this morning in response to a writ of subpoena duces tecum issued by this Court directed to Loyola University to produce the Loyola University records of Perry Russo.
A. I am.
Q. As the registrar of the University, sir, would you have had jurisdiction over this record; would it have been in your direct or indirect custody at the University?
A. It would be in my direct custody at the University.
At this time we will ask that this record be delivered to the registry of the Court for possible use in evidence and as we did with the Law School record, ask that we be permitted, at a later date, if necessary, to substitute photostatic copies for the record?
Motion granted.
No questions by the State.
If Your Honor please, I don't see much point in keeping these gentlemen tied up here and asked that they be excused subject to right of recall?
I have already excused them.