Name of Complainant:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Details of offense, progree of investigation etc:
(Investigating officer must sign)

Date: 11-27-63

Mr. Decker:

On Friday morning, November 22nd, 1963 I was standing in a window of the Identification Bureau of the Dallas County Jail and I observed the President's motorcade pass in front of the Criminal Courts Building on Main Street. After the motorcade passed, I stood around in the Identification Bureau. I did not see anything nor did I hear anything. I guess something like 10 minutes later I left the Criminal Courts Building thru the driveway and went across the street as far as the parking lot near the railroad tracks looking for Officer Todd. When I failed to find him there, I returned to the driveway of the Dallas County Jail and then came into the jail. I was later sent back by chief Holman and made another circle looking for Todd and when I returned, the Chief was standing on the alleyway to the driveway. He then told me that he saw Todd in front of the School Book Depository and I then walked over to him and told him that the Chief wanted him back at the jail. We then returned back to the jail. I did not see anything or hearing anything.

/s/Harold Strehly
Harold Strehly